ECOCORE 5 Launch and Benefit for Families for Freedom

ECOCORE 5 launch and benefit for Families for Freedom

January 17 2017
8:00pm - 12:00am
80WSE Gallery, Project Space
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The organization Families for Freedom, located in Midtown, Manhattan, is one of the only organizations in the United States fighting for the rights of undocumented immigrants with criminal records who make up, in large part, the silent majority of political targets taken in by the former administration and will most certainly continue to be targeted by the following. 
These immigrants are taken in the midst of their family homes by swat gear clad ICE agents during 5-8am home raids, then shipped to concentration style ICE camps throughout the country. In NYC where 1 in 3 residents are foriegn born and 1 in 9 residents have a criminal offence on their record, the work doesn’t get more ecological. In communities like Brooklyn, Harlem and Queens, these raids often take breadwinners effectively destabilizing neighborhoods already shaken by predatory landlords and hyper policing.

FFF just worked with NYU’s Law school to put together a report on the current deportation climate.

The raids described in this report are further elaborated on in this interview with the organization's executive director.


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