Current Exhibitions

2020 NYU IFA/BFA Exhibitions

February 12 – February 16
The Inbetween
Alyx Runyon, Maya Beverly  
Curated by Charlotte Kinberger

February 19 – February 23
Cellar / Attic
Hue Bui, Monique Muse 
Curated by Blake Oetting

February 26 – March 1
Tracing History Through Myth
Martine Velasco, Andy Wang
Curated by Katie Maher

March 4 – March 8
Beyond Objects
Mika Lee, Hannah Park
Curated by Cindy Qian

March 11 – March 15
The Life of Objects
Chanel Khoury, Christine JiMIn Park 
Curated by Andres Gonzalez



March 4–22, 2020

Anna Ambrose
Cindy Conrad
Lloyd Foster
Nathan Friedman
Jordan Holm
Birdie Hall
Lisa Park
Kristin Rikharosdottir 
Masa Shigeta
Marian Williams