Art, Education, & Community Practice

Art, Education, and Community Practice

Join our community of socially engaged artists/designers, educators, creative activists and community organizers working together to create critical interventions that inspire dialogue and catalyze social change through the arts. This work connects art and social justice, grounded in a pedagogy of hope and possibility. Our intimate and interdisciplinary program balances theory and practice through classroom projects enacted in public spaces and in partnership with local organizations. Through course work we explore the history and political context of socially engaged art and popular education, as well as creative strategies for activism and organizing. The capstone project provides an opportunity to design, implement, and document an artistic intervention in public space or to work with a community organization in an effort to enact social transformation.

Our program is flexible, encouraging students to take courses with our affiliated faculty from across the different schools at New York University and other relevant courses taught by esteemed NYU faculty. We leverage our unique location in the Lower East Side and New York City, home to artists and activist, by bringing in activist artists to our classrooms to work with students and explorehow art can be used as a tool to open dialogue about a community’s  history, culture, and social needs. Our graduates go on to work as artists, educators, and administrators in community-based organizations and cultural institutions, as well as K-12 schools and colleges.

Classes are small and personal attention is given to each student throughout the duration of the program, from initial advisement through completion of the master's capstone project.

The program can be completed in as little as 3 semesters or 12 months, as a full-time student. The program can also be completed as a part-time student in two years.

Admission in Fall and Spring. 


The Art, Education, and Community Practice program serves individuals interested in socially engaged art who want to work outside of or in collaboration with traditional venues (museum, galleries, and classrooms). Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds: studio art and design, performing arts, film, curators, community-based organizations, social activism, and a variety of art education contexts (teaching artists).

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