Internship Information for Host Organizations

Internship Information for Host Organizations


The Department of Art and Art Professions offers a program of credit-granting internships in the visual arts for Master’s Degree candidates in Visual Arts Administration, Costume Studies, and undergraduate Studio Art majors. Master's Degree candidates in Art + Education are required to complete a fieldwork component in conjunction with their curriculum and certification requirements. Art Therapy MA students complete a specialized internship program to meet their certification standards. All of these opportunities support vocational training in a workplace environment which benefit the student's educational and career goals. 

Sponsoring organizations do not offer academic credit through their internship opportunities but support the student's academic progress by completing an internship evaluation at the end of the student's appointment. Our students may choose to do an internship for credit depending on the requirements of their specific program under the guidance of their academic advisers. Interns may not displace regular employees but work under their close supervision. Federal guidelines can be found on the Department of Labor website. Additionally, all such placements must be ethical and free of conflict of interest.

If you would like to host an intern from one of our programs at your organization, please email our Internship Office at or you may post an internship opportunity on our Internship Posting Request Form, which will be emailed to both our students and alumni on a weekly basis.


Students who have an undergraduate BA, BS, or BFA degree in studio art and who wish to acquire teacher certification must enroll in the 33-credit initial certification Teachers of Art, All Grades program, which can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. 

Students in this initial certification program must observe and assist in elementary and secondary classrooms for a total of 100 hours. Students begin the program in the Fall and observe immediately in elementary classrooms and earn secondary fieldwork hours through the Saturday Art Workshop program. In January, they complete a minimum of 22 hours of student teaching in an elementary classroom under the guidance of a certified teacher.  In the Spring semester, they do a minimum of 22 days of student teaching in a secondary school classroom.

For more information about hosting NYU students, contact:
Jessica Hamlin, 

Art Therapy

Students in the Art Therapy MA Program are preparing to work as professional art therapists who meet the educational standards of the American Art Therapy Association. They complete 1,000 hours of internship during their course of study. 

Internship Sites
The NYU Steinhardt Art Therapy Program has relationships with more than 75 internship sites in the tri-state area. Each year, we place approximately 50 graduate students in a number of those sites. Students intern at hospitals, outpatient centers, rehabilitation facilities, community organizations, schools, and private mental health clinics. Our site placements include such sites as:

  • AHRC
  • Bronx Psychiatric Center
  • Coalition for Hispanic Family Services Arts & Literacy Program (Brooklyn and Queens)
  • Correctional Health Services (Manhattan)
  • Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services
  • Jewish Guild for the Blind
  • Kingsbrook Hospital
  • Maimonides Hospital
  • Millennium High School (Manhattan) and many others
  • Montefiore Hospital
  • New York Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • New York Office of Mental Health
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital
  • NYU Medical Center
  • St. Luke Hospital

Clinical Observation and Internship Requirements
Students begin their fieldwork during the first semester of the two-year master’s program by observing and assisting the on-site supervisor, in order to gain introductory experience in a professional, therapeutic setting. 

Students complete three semesters of internships -- during the spring semester of their first year and in the fall and spring semesters of their second year.  In these clinical internships, students increasingly take on the therapeutic leadership – running groups, individual sessions, becoming part of the clinical team, writing progress notes and generally functioning as therapists under the guidance of their on-site supervisors. Internship supervision continues within the classroom setting each semester as students are guided and educated by Board Certified and Registered art therapy faculty who are practicing therapists.  We also offer an optional 3-credit internship abroad during the summer.

Affiliate Agreements with Site Supervisors
In order to receive NYU interns, site supervisors work with our internship coordinator to complete an Affiliate Agreement. The director of the program, internship coordinator, and fieldwork coordinator establish objectives for student assessment, and discuss mutual expectations with the site supervisors.

In the fall, we host “Supervisor’s Night” where the supervisors come to campus, meet the master’s students, and make presentations about their sites. This event is well attended and highly informative. In exchange for providing our students with valuable internships, we offer our site supervisors tuition waivers for courses taken at NYU Steinhardt.

For More Information
If you would like more information about hosting an NYU intern, please contact:
Mia deBethune
Art Therapy Internship Coordinator
Phone:  (914) 584-1820
Or call the Art Therapy Program at (212) 998-5727 or (212) 998-5726

Visual Arts Administration, Costume Studies, and Studio Art 

The Department of Art and Art Professions offers a program of credit-granting internships in the visual arts for Master’s Degree candidates in Visual Arts Administration, Costume Studies, and undergraduate Studio Art majors. Internships in Art is well known throughout the New York City art community. Our students are highly regarded and sought after as interns. Students typically enroll in a 3-credit internship to fulfill the requirement of their program but may register for 0- to 6- internship credits per semester depending on proposed hours of work in the sponsored position and at the approval of their academic adviser. If sponsors require a letter verifying that a student is registered for the course Internships in Art and will receive credit, please contact the Internships and Graduate Professions Adviser.  

The role of the intern
Interns are expected to perform in the same professional manner as would an employee, that is, to establish regular working hours and to be punctual in attendance and meeting obligations, appropriate dress and deportment, to report back in a timely manner, to welcome direction and helpful criticism, to show initiative where appropriate and to respect the confidentiality of the sponsoring organization. 

Intern coursework for the Internships in Art course includes: a research paper on the sponsoring organization, an extensive journal recording observations and experiences while on site, required meetings with the Internships and Graduate Professions Adviser to discuss progress and developments in the internship, and a summation paper. Students may not start an internship without the prior approval of the Internships and Graduate Professions Adviser before the drop/add deadline of the semester in which they are interning or it will not count toward their degree.

The role of the sponsor
In return, we ask you, the sponsor, to make sure that there is substantive training for the intern and enough professional staff time to provide supervision and guidance. We also encourage sponsors to include the intern in as many of the day-to-day operations of your organization as possible so that the student may gain a thorough understanding of how the organization works. We also ask that sponsors make themselves available to interns for questions and informational interviews as appropriate.  You will be asked to complete an evaluation of the intern's performance, which becomes one of our criteria for determining the intern’s final grade given for this course.

At the discretion of the sponsor, students may receive pay during their internships to help offset the costs of studying and living in New York City. For example, we suggest that this range from a reimbursement for weekly travel expenses to a modest stipend during the internship, at a minimum.

If you are a potential sponsor seeking an intern or an employer seeking job candidates and would like to list an opportunity in our weekly Internships and Jobs in the Arts email sent to current students and recent alumni, please email the Internships and Graduate Professions Adviser a detailed description at the beginning of the week that you'd like it to appear. Please include duties, semester, temporary/permanent, full-/part-time, days/week, skills you're looking for, compensation (including salary, hourly wage, travel reimbursement, stipend, etc.), and how to apply. Students are advised to begin researching where they would like to intern the semester prior to actually beginning an internship.

Thank you!
Internships in Art gives graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to explore academic concepts and different career options while gaining practical experience. Internships are suited to a student’s interests and needs and establish a vital link to the New York art world while helping to focus career goals.  Interns make essential connections in fields related to their studies and acquire professional experience that will serve them well into the future.  Without the sponsor's generous dedication to Internships in Art, this would not be possible.  We hope that our interns will be an intelligent and thoughtful presence in your organization as they gain experience under your direction.

If you would like to host an intern from one of our programs at your organization, please email our Internship Office at