IDEAS Maker Program: Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students

Screenshot of three dimensional orange duck-shaped figure on a computer screenThe IDEAS Maker Program is a curriculum for an informal maker program that engages middle-school students with a range of abilities in engineering design activities, culminating in a project based on their own interests that they create with a computer-aided design software called TinkerCAD and print on a 3D printer. The program is based on the 3D Design and Fabrication program run at the Makerspace of the New York Hall of Science. With funding from the National Science Foundation (award # DRL 1614436), a collaborative team redesigned that museum-based program so that it could be run in schools by teachers. The design team included:

Cover Page of IDEAS curriculumWe field-tested the curriculum for three years in three ASD Nest autism inclusion public middle schools in New York City. In the second and third year, the program was run after school or during lunchtime or in elective clubs by science and special education teachers in those schools. The result is the curriculum for the IDEAS Maker Program: Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students, which is available for you to download and use.