Advanced Certificate in International Education

Program Information

The International Education Program is part of the global mission of New York University to produce professionals who understand the international implications of their responsibilities and have the ability to utilize knowledge across international boundaries. Improved communications and transportation technologies, transnational business enterprise, the internationalization of popular consumer cultures, and the growth of multinational non-governmental organizations have all contributed to a world in which different nations are more interconnected than ever before.

As the social, political and economic systems of these different nations have become more interdependent, the problems they confront have assumed a global dimension, and cross cultural communication and exchange have become central to their solution. The International Education Program is dedicated to preparing professional educators who can work effectively in international and multinational settings.

The Advanced Certificate is designed for experienced teachers in schools and educational agencies committed to global education, and for mid career consultants and international education specialists in corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors, including field coordinators, planners, evaluators, administrators and program managers.