PhD in International Education

Study International Education at NYU

Prepare for a faculty position in comparative and international education, or for a career as a professional educator in international and multinational settings. This multidisciplinary doctoral program will equip you with critical theoretical foundations of education and social change. You will develop a course of study that concentrates on a cultural area of the world – with options to study abroad – and take courses in specialized research methods, social science or humanities disciplines, globalization and educational policy, and international education.

How you'll learn

Core Courses, Area Studies, and Doctoral Seminars 
The PhD in International Education requires the completion of a minimum of 54 credits and a dissertation. The curriculum includes international education doctoral seminars, core courses in international education, departmental doctoral seminars, specialized research methods, areas studies courses, and coursework in your area of concentration. See degree requirements and course descriptions.

Areas of Concentration
You can tailor your program of study by choosing one of the following areas of concentration, in which you will be prepared to conduct research, teach, and work:

  • Cross-Cultural Exchange and Training: Prepares you to conduct research, teach, and work in educational and cultural organizations that facilitate international exchanges and cross-cultural training
  • Global Education: Prepares you to conduct research; teach; and work in colleges, universities, schools, publishing houses, and educational agencies that design, develop, and implement global education programs
  • International Development Education: Prepares you to conduct research, teach, and work in government agencies, private voluntary organizations, and foundations that provide educational assistance to underdeveloped countries to achieve sustainable economic growth

Competitive Funding
We offer a competitive funding program for full-time PhD students that supports tuition and living expenses. 

Research Opportunities
As you develop your research, you will work with a faculty adviser to create a plan of study that best meets your individual interests and goals. Our faculty are currently engaged in research areas including:

  • Public diplomacy
  • Comparative higher education systems
  • Social inequality and education
  • Immigration and globalization
  • International and cultural exchange programs
  • Effects of war and political violence on education
  • Peacebuilding and education
  • Political and socio-cultural studies of educational change
  • Transnational advocacy, NGOs, and humanitarian action

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Where can I work with a doctorate in International Education?

In recent years, our graduates have accepted faculty, research, and leadership positions at Stanford University, Harvard University, Duke University, American University, Seton Hall University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the US State Department, and the New York City Board of Education.

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For more information about the PhD in International Education

See our frequently asked questions page. Feel free to contact directly the faculty member whose work best fits your interests.