Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

Better understand the world today, and contribute to global peace efforts. The 16-credit interdisciplinary minor in Peace and Conflict Studies gives you the tools to analyze global conflicts and the skills to understand and contribute to efforts to build peace. You’ll have opportunities to explore pressing issues from political violence and terrorism to civil resistance through cross-school coursework across the NYU global network.

This minor is open to all undergraduates across NYU, who have completed at least one semester and have an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher. 

Prepare for careers in

  • The Peace Corps and other international development work
  • Peacebuilding and peacekeeping
  • Human rights monitoring and advocacy
  • Local and international transitional justice
  • Civil-military relations
  • Social justice and community building
  • Migration and refugees
  • Education in emergencies

This minor can also be a good foundation for graduate study in peace and conflict studies, international relations, human rights, law, international development, political science, or international education, among other disciplines.

For more information about this minor, please contact:

Bridgid Webster