Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies Minor Global Options

The Peace and Conflict Studies minor takes advantage of NYU coursework around the world – complete up to two of your unrestricted electives in a range of locations that provide you with global context. If you would like to take courses related to peace and conflict studies that do not appear on this list, you may request credit toward the minor with approval of the PACS Adviser.

Please visit the Office of Global Programs for more information about semester and academic study abroad opportunities.  

Tel Aviv
POL-UA 9994 Comparative Radical Politics (4 credits)
POL-UA 9720 Diplomacy and Negotiation: Conflict Resolution in the Middle East (4 credits)
HIST-UA 9553/HBRJD-UA 9948/MEIS-UA 9751 Topics in Middle East Politics: Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (4 credits)

POL-UA 9741 War, Peace and World Order (4 credits)

POL-UA 9994/SOC-UA 9970 Comparative Human Rights (4 credits)
ANTH-UA9252/HIST-UA9264 Contemporary Perspectives on the Civil War and the “Recovery of Historical Memory” in Spain (4 credits)

FREN-UA 9965 France, US, and Arab World: Past and Present (4 credits; taught in French)
FREN-UA 9865 France and Islam (4 credits)

Washington, DC
HIST-UA 9629 American Foreign Policy in the 20th Century (4 credits)