Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies Minor Requirements

Required core courses and restricted electives are offered once per year through the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities. There is no required sequence of courses.

For help planning your schedule or questions about the minor requirements, please contact the PACS adviser.

A. Required Core Course (4 Credits)

INTE-UE 1013 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies 

B. Restricted Electives (4 Credits)

Choose at least one of the two following options:

INTE-UE 1028 Comparative Politics, Education, and Conflict (4 credits, graduate-level course)
INTE-UE 1010 International Human Rights Activism and Education (4 credits)
INTE-UE 1532 Terrorism, Extremism, and Education (4 units)

C. Unrestricted Electives (8 Credits)

Choose additional courses to total 8 credits from a wealth of options across the university, both on Washington Square and at NYU’s global sites. Courses are grouped into themes; students may take courses from one theme or many.

You may select from the lists below, or visit our Global Options page to see how you can include study abroad experiences in your coursework.

If you would like to take courses related to peace and conflict studies that do not appear on this list, you may request credit toward the minor with approval of the PACS Adviser.

Analyzing and Explaining Conflict and Violence
MCC-UE 1351 War as Media (4 credits)
POL-UA 700 International Politics (4 credits)
POL-UA 710 US Foreign Policy (4 credits)
GT-UF 201 Global Violence: Vulnerable and Targeted Peoples (4 credits)
SOC-UA 472 The Sociology of Conflict and War (4 credits)
HIST-UA 569 Topics: Empire and Decolonization (4 credits)
UPADM-GP 430 Intelligence and National Security Policymaking (4 credits)

Peace, Justice, and Development
MCC-UE 1413 Cultural Memory (4 credits)
FOOD-UE 1210 Introduction to Food History (4 credits)
GT-UF 201 Topics: NGO Narratives: Global Humanitarianism: From Development to Disaster (4 credits)
UNDSW-US 66 Global Perspectives in International Social Policy (4 credits)
UNDSW-US 67 Social Justice and Peacemaking (4 credits)

Human Rights and Advocacy
GT-UF 201 Topics: International Human Rights (4 credits)
SCAI-UF 401-001 Justice and Rights Movements: Let Them Lead the Way (4 credits)
UPADM-GP 269 How to Change the World: Advocacy Movements and Social Innovation (4 credits)
SCAI­-UF 401­ Youth in Revolt: Case Studies in Global Activism (4 credits)
GT-UF 201 Trauma Studies in the Age of Globalization (4 credits)

International and Area Studies
MCC-UE 1341 Middle East Media (formerly Islam, Media and the West) (4 credits)
HIST-UA 750 US-Latin American Relations (4 credits)
MEIS-UA 697 Palestine, Zionism, Israel (4 credits)
HIST-UA 277 Worlds of World War One (4 credits)
SCA-UA 721 Issues and Ideas: Challenges, Issues and Ideas in Covering Sub-Saharan Africa (4 credits)
SCA-UA 161 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa (4 credits)