Michael J. Kieffer

Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Michael J. Kieffer


Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Michael J. Kieffer studies the language and literacy development of students from linguistically diverse backgrounds. A former middle school teacher, he aims to conduct research that can inform instruction and policy to improve the reading outcomes of students in urban schools, especially adolescent English language learners. His research has included longitudinal studies of the reading and language development of English language learners, experimental evaluations of academic vocabulary instruction, and secondary analyses of large longitudinal datasets. He collaborates widely with colleagues in other disciplines, including developmental psychology, applied statistics, special education, and educational policy. He is currently most fascinated by the roles of attention-regulation skills in reading comprehension, metalinguistic skills involved in vocabulary learning, English language learners' long-term developmental trajectories, and improving classrooms to support skills at the intersection of social and academic development. (Click on CV link above for publications and other information.)

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