Department of Teaching and Learning

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Name Title Email Phone
Nada Ahmed Co-Director of NYU- Steinhardt Teacher Residency, Director of Field Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor of Master of Arts in Teaching na377@nyu.edu 212-998-5507
Mark M. Alter Professor of Educational Psychology mark.alter@nyu.edu 212-998-5475
Sarah Beck Associate Professor of English Education sarah.beck@nyu.edu
Anne Burgunder Clinical Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education asb11@nyu.edu 212-998-9006
Robert Cohen Professor of Social Studies Education rpc6@nyu.edu 212 998 5460
Ido Davidesco Research Assistant Professor ido.davidesco@nyu.edu
Fabienne Doucet (ON LEAVE) Associate Professor of Early Childhood and Urban Education fd30@nyu.edu 212 998 7390
Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth Associate Professor of English Education Miriam.Ebsworth@nyu.edu (212) 998-5195
Rachel Fish Assistant Professor of Special Education ref7@nyu.edu
Lisa S. Fleisher Associate Professor of Educational Psychology lisa.fleisher@nyu.edu 998 5390
Pamela Fraser-Abder Professor Emeritus, Science Education pa1@nyu.edu 212 998 5208
Christine Gentry Visiting Assistant Professor and Corona-Norco Residency Director in the NYU Teacher Residency cgentry@nyu.edu
Jay Gottlieb Professor of Educational Psychology jg4@nyu.edu 212-998-5097
Robin Harvey Clinical Assistant Professor of Multilingual/Multicultural Studies robin.harvey@nyu.edu 212-992-9367
Patrick Keegan Visiting Assistant Professor in the Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching Program pk1129@nyu.edu
James Kemple Executive Director of the Research Alliance for NYC Schools, Research Professor of Teaching and Learning james.kemple@nyu.edu 212 998 5436
Michael Kieffer Associate Professor of Literacy Education michael.kieffer at nyu.edu
Susan Kirch Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning susan.kirch@nyu.edu 212-992-9474
David Kirkland Executive Director of NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools/Associate Professor of English and Urban Education dk64@nyu.edu 212-998-7391
Okhee Lee Professor of Childhood Education olee@nyu.edu 212-998-5882
Raul Lejano Professor lejano@nyu.edu
Mary Leou Clinical Professor of Teaching and Learning and Director of The Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education mary.leou@nyu.edu 212 998 5474
Lorena Llosa Associate Professor of Education
Faculty Fellow-in-Residence, Carlyle Court
Jasmine Ma Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education j.ma@nyu.edu 212-992-7658
Cynthia McCallister Associate Professor of Literacy Education cynthia.mccallister@nyu.edu (212) 998-5416
Sandee McClowry Professor of Applied Psychology/Teaching and Learning (joint appointment) (On Leave 2018-2019) sandee.mcclowry@nyu.edu 917 685-8408
Elizabeth McDonald Clinical Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning beth.mcdonald@nyu.edu 212-992-9360
Joseph McDonald Professor Emeritus, Teaching and Learning joseph.mcdonald@nyu.edu 212 995 8220
Catherine Milne Professor of Science Education, Chair Dept. of Teaching and Learning cem4@nyu.edu 212-998-5132
Shondel Nero Professor of Language Education shondel.nero@nyu.edu 212-998-5757
Susan Neuman Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education sn1150@nyu.edu 212-992-6731
Erin O'Connor Associate Professor of Education eoc2@nyu.edu 212 992 9473
Frank Pignatosi Visiting Assistant Professor of Master of Arts in Teaching frank.pignatosi@nyu.edu (212) 998-5481
Kongji Qin Assistant Professor of TESOL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Education kq4@nyu.edu 212-992-9369
Martin Simon Professor of Mathematics Education msimon@nyu.edu 212-998-5384
Shane Smith Visiting Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning sas49@nyu.edu 212-998-5242
Jayde Sorbello Visiting Assistant Professor in NYU Steinhardt’s Teacher Residency and Syracuse Residency Director js10721@nyu.edu
Katherine Dougherty Stahl Clinical Professor of Literacy Education kay.stahl@nyu.edu 212 998 5204
Natasha Strassfeld Assistant Professor of Special Education nmw3@nyu.edu 212-998-5554
Carolyn Strom Clinical Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Literacy & Innovation carolyn.strom@nyu.edu 212-992-9481
Ayanna Taylor Clinical Assistant Professor of English Education at1006@nyu.edu 212-998-5460
Marthaa Torres Visiting Associate Professor of Embedded Masters of Arts in Teaching mt159@nyu.edu
Audrey Trainor Professor of Special Education; Content Director, Programs in Special Education aat8@nyu.edu 212-998-5205
Diana Turk Director of Teacher Education/Vice Chair, Dept of Teaching and Learning dt23@nyu.edu 212-998-5492
Robert Wallace Visiting Assistant Professor of Science Education rw56@nyu.edu 917 885-7916
Heather Woodley Clinical Assistant Professor of TESOL, Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Education hwoodley@nyu.edu 212-998-5460
Orit Zaslavsky Professor of Math Education orit.zaslavsky@nyu.edu +1-347-6850646