Leslie Santee Siskin and Meryle Weinstein

IESP Occasional Paper, October 2008

Since 2003, International Baccalaureate has been engaged in a deliberate effort toincrease access and expand "pathways" to the IB Diploma, and to create new supports to assist schools, particularly Title I schools, in that effort. In September 2006, InternationalBaccalaureate was awarded a grant, under the federal API Initiative, to further that work. Under this award, International Baccalaureate is undertaking an extensive project to strengthen the pathway through Middle Years Programme (MYP) to the Diploma (DP), and to develop and deliver new supports for schools, such as scaffolding materials and curriculum mapping, coaching support and counselor training.

IESP has been engaged in evaluating that endeavor, focusing on four high schools that have generously agreed to participate as ‘pilot' sites. The close and continued study of those four sites offers considerable depth in understanding challenges and identifying promising strategies toward preparing more students for success in the IB Diploma and beyond. To broaden our understanding of what Title-I eligible IB schools are like, who they serve, and what kinds of issues and challenges they face, IESP conducted an email survey in the spring of 2008.

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