Kathleen Ziol-Guest presented "Socioeconomic Gaps in Parents' Discipline Strategies from 1988-2011" at the Population Association of America, Washington D.C, in March 2016.

Sean Corcoran and Amy Ellen Schwartz participated in a pupil transportation research conference hosted by the Urban Institute in May.

Meryle Weinstein presented "What Makes Summer Jobs Work?" at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management International Conference in London, England in June.

IESP hosted its annual Summer Seminar Series, which included presentations from Kathleen Ziol-Guest on "Changes in Income-Based Gaps in Parent Activities with Young Children from 1988-2012," Meryle Weinstein on "Earth Science Teacher Preparation for High Needs Public Schools: The Impact of AMNH's MAT Program on Student Performance," and Menbere Shiferaw on "Has IDEA Delivered? A Decade of Change in Special Education in NYC Public Schools."

Researchers from IESP presented various work at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Conference in Washington D.C, in November, which included presentations from Menbere Shiferaw on "Why So Few Immigrants? Exploring the Nativity Gap in Special Education," Amy Ellen Schwartz on "Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Lunch Participation, Academmic Achievement, and Obesity," and Bryant Hopkins on "Being There: Special Education and Chronic Absenteeism in Elementary School."

Agustina Laurito and Sarah A. Cordes presented "The Effects of Charter Schools on Neighborhood and School Segregation Evidence from New York City" at the 11th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association in November.