IES-PIRT Proseminar Archive


10/22: Dr. Sharon VaughnManuel J. Lustiz Endowed Chair in Math, Science, and Technology in Teacher Education, University of Texas at Austin; Executive Director, Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk"Challenges of Conducting Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) in Schools"

10/29: Dr. Noelle HurdAssistant Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia, "Online Discrimination, Black Students’ Academic Experiences, and the Role of White Bystanders"

11/12: Dr. Philip OreopoulosProfessor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Toronto, "The Remarkable Unresponsiveness to Nudging College Students and What We Can Learn from It"

11/19: Dr. Rebecca ThorntonAssociate Professor of Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "The Sensitivity of Education Program Effectiveness to Input Choices and Outcome Measures"

11/19: Dr. Brian JacobWalter H. Annenberg Professor of Education Policy, Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Economics, Professor of Education, University of Michigan


1/29: Fabian Barch & Sarah RosenbachIES-PIRT Fellows

2/5: Dr. Tyler WattsNYU, "The Chicago School Readiness Project: Examining the Long-Term Impacts of an Early Childhood Intervention

2/12: Jill Gandhi & Sana FatimaIES-PIRT Fellows

2/26: Dr. Kara FinniganAssociate Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Rochester, "Social Network Analysis and Educational Research"

3/5: Panel discussion: Working with the Media to Inject Rigorous Evidence into the Coverage of Education Issues, Moderated by Chelsea Farley, Panelists: Leslie BrodySarah Garland, and Alex Zimmerman

3/19: Nick Mark & Jacob SchatzIES-PIRT Fellows

3/26: Dr. Christina WeilandUniversity of Michigan, "Building, Building Up, and Building Out: A Decade of Research Partnering with the Boston Public School Prekindergarten Program"

4/2: Zac McDermott & Robin NeuhausIES-PIRT Fellows

4/9: Dr. Kathryn Hill, NYU, "Finding a School in an Untrustworthy School System: Black Parents, School Choice and Enrollment, and Trust"

4/16: Olga Pagan & Tim CarrollIES-PIRT Fellows

4/23: Dr. Daniel BerryUniversity of Minnesota, "Self-Regulation In Context: Developmental Processes at Home and School"

4/30: Dr. Andrew HoHarvard Graduate School of Education, "Linking 1 million district test score distributions to a common scale: Psychometric methods underlying SEDA"

9/18: Bryant HopkinsKristin BlackIES-PIRT Fellows

9/25: Travis CramerParham HornIES-PIRT Fellows

10/2: Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner, Florida State University, "What About Two-Year Colleges? Institutional Variation and the Gender Gap in Undergraduate STEM Degrees"

10/16: Dr. Alejandro GanimianNYU, “Teaching with the Test: Experimental Evidence on Diagnostic Feedback and Capacity Building for Public Schools in Argentina”

10/23: Sophia Hwang Kat AdamsIES-PIRT Fellows

10/30: Dr. Michal KurlaenderUniversity of California, Davis, "My Professor Cares: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Faculty Engagement"

11/6: Dr. Sally SadoffUniversity of California, San Diego, "Improving College Instruction through Incentives"

11/13: Dr. Shaun DoughertyUniversity of Connecticut, "The Effect of Attending a Career Technical High School on Educational Attainment and Postsecondary Enrollment"

11/20: Chantal HaileyChelsea DanielsIES-PIRT Fellows

11/27: Paula DaneriNatalia RojasIES-PIRT Fellows


1/30: Dr. Lindsay PageUniversity of Pittsburgh, "Customized Nudging to Improve FAFSA Completion and Income Verification"

2/6: Dr. Thomas DiPreteColumbia University, "Preparation, Selection, and College Performance: Explaining the Black-White Gap in Bachelor’s Degree Completion"

2/27: Menbere ShiferawJason RarickIES-PIRT Fellows

3/20: Dr. Sean ReardonStanford University, “200 million test scores and what do we know? Income, race, and the geography of educational opportunity in the U.S.”

3/27: Chantal Hailey & Natalia Rojas, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/3: Sarah RosenbachPaula DaneriIES-PIRT Fellows

4/10: Dr. Gema ZamarroUniversity of Arkansas, "Measuring Teacher Non-cognitive Skills and its Impact on Students: Insight from the Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database"

4/17: Jill GandhiNick MarkIES-PIRT Fellows

4/24: Fabian BarchSana FatimaIES-PIRT Fellows

5/1: Dr. Kirabo JacksonNorthwestern University, “Reducing Inequality Through Dynamic Complementarity: Evidence from Head Start and Public School Spending"

9/19: Dr. Orla DoyleUniversity College Dublin, "Intervening Early to Promote School Readiness: An RCT of the Preparing for Life program"

10/3: Dr. Rekha BaluMDRC, "Research design and implementation considerations with technology-driven interventions"

10/17: Dr. David FrancisUniversity of Houston, "Scaling Up Effective Reading Interventions for EL Students"

10/24: Andy RibnerSarah KabayIES-PIRT Fellows

10/31: Rachel McKinnonBryant HopkinsIES-PIRT Fellows

11/14: Kate SchwartzSophia HwangIES-PIRT Fellows

11/21: Dr. Stella Flores, NYU, “The Effect of English Language Learner Program Participation on College-Access Outcomes”

11/28: Parham Horn & Gerard Torrats-EspinosaIES-PIRT Fellows

12/5: Dr. Catherine SnowHarvard Graduate School of Education, "Evaluating a discussion-based literacy program: Challenges of doing practice-embedded educational research"

12/12: Kristin BlackTravis CramerIES-PIRT Fellows


2/1: Dr. Diane Schanzenbach, Northwestern University & The Hamilton Project, “School Finance Reform and the Distribution of Student Achievement”

2/22: Dr. Matt Chingos, Urban Institute, “Are Students Learning More? Evidence from NAEP”

2/29: Jason Rarick & Menbere Shiferaw, PIRT fellows 

3/21: Dr. Paul von Hippel, University of Texas at Austin, “Do Test Score Gaps Grow Before, During, or Between the School Years? Measurement Artifacts and What We Can Know In Spite of Them”

3/28: Dr. Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University, Too Many Children Left Behind

4/4: Travis Cramer & Bryant Hopkins, PIRT fellows

4/11: Dr. Sarah Cohodes, Teachers College, "Can Successful Schools Replicate? Evidence from Boston's Charter Sector"

4/18: Parham Horn & Sophia Hwang, PIRT fellows

4/25: Andrew Ribner & Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, PIRT fellows

5/2: Dr. Julia Burdick-Will, Johns Hopkins University, "Neighborhood Violence, Peer-Effects, and Academic Achievement"

9/21: Dr. Florencia Torche, NYU, “Unequal Trajectories: Prenatal Stress, Stratification, and Children’s Outcomes”

10/5: Agustina Laurito, Michah Rothbart, & Joseph Mullins, PIRT Fellows

10/19: Kate Schwartz & Peter Rich, PIRT Fellows

10/26: Dr. Jill Constantine, Mathematica Policy Research, “Evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund: Implementation and Impacts of Pay-for-Performance after Two Years”

11/9: Rachel McKinnon & Sarah Kabay, PIRT Fellows

11/16: Dr. Thomas Kane, Harvard University, “Using Changes in Teacher Assignments to Validate Value-Added Measures: Evidence from Los Angeles”

11/23: Dr. Joshua Brown, Fordham University, “Approaches to Promoting Elementary School Educators’ Social and Emotional Competencies, Well-Being, and Capacity for Improving Students’ Social and Emotional Learning and Academic Performance”

11/30: Andrew Ribner & Kristin Black, PIRT Fellows

12/7: Dr. Joseph Robinson-Cimpian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Effects of test-based policies for reclassifying English Learners”


2/9: Menbere Shiferaw & Sarah Kabay, NYU PIRT Fellows

2/23: Dr. Jessaca Spybrook, Western Michigan University, “Moving Beyond the Average Treatment Effect: A Look at Power Analyses for Moderator Effects in Cluster Randomized Trials”

3/2: Rachel McKinnon, Jason Rarick, & Peter Rich, NYU PIRT Affiliates 

3/9: Sophia Hwang & Andrew Ribner, NYU PIRT Fellows

3/23: Kathryn Schwartz, Jason Thompson, & Fangqi Wen, NYU PIRT Affiliates

3/30: Dr. Laura Justice, Ohio State University, “Moving from the lab to the field in educational research”

4/13: Dr. Robert Meyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Trade-Offs in the Implementation of Observational Ratings Systems"

4/20: Kristin Black & Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, NYU PIRT Fellows 

9/15: Agustina Laurito & Christine Baker-Smith, NYU PIRT Fellows

9/22: Dr. Adam Gamoran, WT Grant Foundation, “Inequality is the Problem: What’s Our Response?” (Co-sponsored with CASSR)

9/29: Tingting Ding & Joseph Mullins, NYU PIRT Fellows

10/20: Dr. James Kim, Harvard University, “Effects of Scaffolded Summer Reading on Elementary School Children’s Reading Comprehension, Reading Engagement, and Peer Advice Networks: Results from a Statewide Randomized Experiment”

10/27: Maia Connors & Michah Rothbart, NYU PIRT

11/3: Dr. Gregory Wolniak, NYU, “Competitive college admissions: A mechanism for mobility or reproducing inequality?”

11/10: Dr. Amy HsinQueens College, “Explaining Asian Americans’ Academic Advantage over Whites”

11/17: Dr. Marissa King, Yale University, “Medical Adaptation to Academic Pressure: Schooling, Stimulant Use, and Socioeconomic Status”

12/1: Vanessa Coca & Jessica Harding, NYU PIRT Fellows


2/3: Maia Connors, first year fellows, & affiliates, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

2/10: Ha Yeon Kim & Jason Thompson, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

2/24: MDRC & Research Alliance

3/3: Michah Rothbart & Christine Baker-Smith, NYU IES-PIRT

3/10: Vanessa Coca & Agustina Laurito, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

3/24: Dr. Helen Ladd, Duke University, “Returns to Teacher Experience: Student Achievement and Motivation in Middle School”

3/31: Dr. Michael Kieffer, NYU, “Effects of Academic Vocabulary Instruction for Linguistically Diverse Adolescents: Evidence from a Randomized Field Trial”

4/7: Jessica Harding & Peter Rich, NYU IES-PIRT

4/21: Dr. David Deming, Harvard University, “An Experimental Study of the Value of Postsecondary Credentials in the Labor Market”

5/5: Dr. Douglas Downey, Ohio State University, “Compensation Theory: The Relationship Between Schools and Inequality”

9/16: Dr. Judith Scott-Clayton, Columbia University, “Improving the Targeting of Treatment: Evidence from College Remediation”

9/23: Rachel Cole & Emilyn Whitesell, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

10/7: Allison Friedman-Krauss & Sarah Cordes, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

10/21: Dr. Eric Hanushek, Stanford University, “General Education, Vocational Education, and Labor-Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle”

10/28: Dr. Celene Domitrovich, Penn State & University of Chicago, “The Impact of the Head Start REDI Intervention on Children's Trajectories of School Adjustment through Third Grade”

11/4: Dr. Anne Gregory, Rutgers University, “Reducing the racial discipline gap through distal or proximal targets of change?”

11/11: Dr. Michael Hout, NYU, “Counterfactuals and Causal Inference in Three-wave Panel Data: Unemployment and Happiness in the GSS Panel, 2008-2010” (Co-sponsored with IHDSC)

11/18: Dr. Lauren Supplee, Administration for Children and Families, “The Road Less Travelled: Careers Outside of Academia”

11/25: Dr. Charles Clotfelter, Duke University, “The Aftermath of Accelerating Algebra: Evidence from District Policy Initiatives”

12/9: Jeannie Kim & Meghan McCormick, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows


1/28: Dr. Yossi Shavit, Tel Aviv University, "Another Look at Persistent Inequality in Israeli Education" (Co-sponsored with IHDSC)

2/12: Dr. Jonathan Haidt, NYU, "Why so many Americans don’t want social justice and don’t trust social scientists" (Co-sponsored with IHDSC)

2/25: Sarah Cordes & Emilyn Ruble Whitesell, IES-PIRT Fellows

3/4: Dr. Christopher Weiss, NYU, "Gender, Friendship Networks, and Violence in American High Schools"

3/11: Meghan McCormick & Jeannie Kim, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/3: Dr. Sean Reardon, Stanford University, "Left behind? The effect of NCLB on academic achievement gaps" (Co-sponsored with CASSR)

4/15: Allison Friedman & Maya Connors, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/22: Michah Rothbart, Vanessa Coca, & Christine Baker-Smith, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/29: Dr. Seth Pollak, University of Wisconson-Madison, "Children's Emotions: Learning, Development, and Biology" (Co-sponsored with Applied Psychology, Developmental)

9/24: Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, Johns Hopkins University, "School-Based Prevention of Behavior Problems: Integrating and Advancing the Evidence Base"

10/1: Dr. Janet Currie, Princeton University, “Is there a Link Between Foreclosure and Health?”

10/22: Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia, “Lessons Learned From Looking Inside Classrooms and Schools: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Responsive Classroom Approach”

11/5: Jessica Boccardo, Dana McCoy, & Sharon Wolf, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

11/12: Dr. Joshua Goodman, Harvard University, "First Degree Earns: The Impact of College Quality on College Completion Rates"

11/19: Jonathan Bearak, Justina Grayman, & Alexandra Ursache, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

12/3: Dr. Anna Gassman-Pines, Duke University, "Improving the Targeting of Treatment: Evidence from College Remediation"


1/30: Dr. Daniela Del Boca, NYU, "Exploring the impacts of public childcare on mothers and children in Italy: does rationing play a role?"

2/6: Dr. Lindsay Page, Harvard University, "Principal stratification as a framework for investigating mediational processes in experimental settings"

2/13: Rachel Cole & Jonathan Bearak, IES-PIRT Fellows

2/27: Justina Grayman & Meghan McCormick, IES-PIRT Fellows

3/5: Allison Friedman & Jessica Boccardo, IES-PIRT Fellows

3/19: Jeannie Kim & Sarah Cordes, IES-PIRT Fellows

3/26: Dr. Barbara Schneider, Michigan State University, "The College Ambition Program: Improving Opportunities for High School Students Transitioning to College"

4/2: Dr. Howard Bloom, MDRC, "Learning From Impact Variation: Principles and Practice"

4/9: Doreet Preiss & Jacob Leos-Urbel, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/16: Maia Connors & Michah Rothbart, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/23: Emilyn Ruble & Christine Baker-Smith, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/30: Vanessa Coca & Alexandra Ursache, IES-PIRT Fellows

9/19: Dr. Ronald Ferguson, Harvard Kennedy School, "Educational Excellence with Equity: a Social Movement for the 21st Century"

9/26: Johanna Lacoe & Sharon Wolf, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

10/17: Dr. Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, University of Pittsburgh, "Income and Child Development During the Transition to School"

10/24: Dr. Jennifer Hill, NYU, “Generalizing results from experiments to broader populations: the importance of flexible estimation strategies”

11/1: Dr. Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University, "Paying for Performance: The Education Impacts of a Community College Scholarship Program for Low-income Adults"

11/7: Karly Ford & Dana McCoy, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

11/14: Daisy Jackson & Keren Horn, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

11/21: Dr. Joshua Angrist, MIT, "The Elite Illusion: Achievement Effects at Boston and New York Exam Schools"

11/28: Dr. Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania, "Self-Discipline Outdoes IQ in Predicting Academic Performance of Adolescents"


1/31: Rachel Cole & Justina Grayman, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

2/7: Dr. Philip BabcockUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, "The Falling Time Cost of College: Evidence from Half a Century of Time Use Data"

2/14: Dr. Thomas DiPrete, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School Context and the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement

2/28: Jessica Boccardo & Johanna Lacoe, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

3/7: Dr. Ann Morning, NYU, Reconstructing Race in Science and Society: Biology Textbooks, 1952-2002

3/21: Sara Cordes & Emilyn Ruble, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

3/28: Robert Taylor & Alexandria Ursache, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

4/4: Jonathan Bearak & Jacob Leos-Urbel, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

4/18: Doreet Preiss & Karly Ford, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/25: Allison Friedman, Meghan McCormick, & Jeannie Kim, IES-PIRT Fellows

9/20: Dr. Paula England, Stanford University, "Birth control use and early, unintended births: Evidence for a class gradient"

9/27: Dr. Katherine Magnuson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Can research design explain variation in Head Start research results? A Meta-analysis”

10/5: Dr. Annette Lareau, University of Pennsylvania, “Parenting as Intervention” (Co-sponsored with IHDSC & CASSR)

10/18: Erin Cocke & Emily Rauscher, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

10/25: Dr. Steve Machin, University College London, “Houses and schools: Valuation of school quality through the housing market”

11/1: Dr. Miguel Urquiola, Columbia University, “Going to a better school: effects and behavioral responses”

11/8: Dr. Laurie Brotman, NYU, “Promoting effective parenting practices and preventing child behavior problems in school among ethnically diverse families from underserved, urban communities”

11/15: Dr. Kirabo Jackson, Northwestern University, “Peer Quality Or Input Quality?: Evidence From Trinidad And Tobago”

11/22: Dr. Jennifer JenningsNYU, “State test predictability and teaching to the test: Evidence from three states"

11/29: Dr. Christina Weiland, Harvard Graduate School of Education, “The Impact Of An Urban Public Prekindergarten Program On Children’s Early Numeracy, Language, And Literacy Kindergarten Readiness: Evidence From Boston”

12/6: Juliette Beg & Daisy Jackson, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows


2/2: Dr. Adam Gamoram, University of Wisconsin, “Effects of Social Capital on Child Outcomes: First-Year Results from an Experimental Study” (Co-sponsored with Wagner & HMSS)

2/8: Dr. Spyros Konstantopoulos, Northwestern University, “How Consistent Are Class Size Effects?"

2/22: Melissa Velez, NYU IES-PIRT Fellow

3/1: Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, University of Chicago, "The Impact of Small Schools in Chicago: Assessing the Effectiveness of Chicago’s Small High School Initiative"

3/8: Karen McFadden, NYU IES-PIRT Fellow

3/22: Alexandra Ursache & Jonathan Bearak, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

3/29: Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "A Mixed-Method Randomized Evaluation of a Need-Based Financial Aid Program: Trials and Tribulations"

4/5: Juliette Berg & Erin Cocke, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

4/12: Rachel Cole & Emily Rauscher, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

4/20: Dr. Rob Crosnoe, University of Texas at Austin, "Mexican immigrants, Their Children, & American Schools" (Co-sponsored with IHDSC) 

4/26: Jessica Boccardo, Justina Grayman, & Robert Taylor, NYU IES-PIRT Fellows

9/21: Dr. Robert Pianta, University of Virginia, "Improving Impacts of Classrooms: Professional Development and Classroom Observation”

10/5: Dr. Erin O'Connor, NYU, "Teacher-Child Relationships and Behavior Problems"

10/15: Dr. Tom Dee, Swarthmore College, “A Rigorous Impact Study of Small Schools of Choice in NYC” (Co-sponsored with Applied Psychology)

10/19: Dr. Joshua Aronson, NYU, “Reducing the Effects of Stereotype Threat on African American College Students by Shaping Theories of Intelligence"

10/26: Dr. Patrick Sharkey, NYU, "The legacy of disadvantage: Multigenerational neighborhood effects on children’s cognitive ability"

11/2: Dr. Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University, “Steady Gains and Stalled Progress: Inequality and the Black-White Test Score Gap”

11/9: Dr. Corinne HerlihyMDRC, "Evaluation of Gates-Funded High School Reform in New York City"

11/19: Dr. Brian Jacob, University of Michigan, “The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Student Achievement” (Co-sponsored with Wagner)

11/23: Dr. Marc Scott, NYU, “Space Matters: Evaluating the Spatial Component of Variation in New York City School Test Scores”

11/30: Drs. Beth Weitzman, Diana Silver, & Tod Mijanovich, NYU, “Finding the Impact in a Messy Intervention: Using an Integrated Design to Evaluate a Comprehensive Citywide Health Intervention”

12/7: Dr. Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania, “Social Experiments in Education Nuts and Bolts of Designing Study Samples"


2/2: Dr. Larry Hedges, Northwestern University, "How large are teacher effects?"

2/9: Doreet Preiss, Jacob Leos-Urbel, & Daisy Jackson, IES-PIRT Fellows

2/23: Dr. Fuhua Zhai, NYU, "Effects of Head Start on children's outcomes: Evidence from a propensity score matching approach"

3/6: Dr. Susanna Loeb, Stanford University, "Learning to teach? Pathways into teaching and student achievement in NYC"

3/9: Dr. J. Lawrence Aber, NYU, "Promoting the social-emotional and literacy development of low-income children: Results from a school randomized trial"

3/23: Dr. Kathleen Sikkema, Duke University, "Community-level HIV prevention trials: Design, implementation, and effectiveness"

3/30: Dr. Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Curriculum change and causal inference: Experimental effects on elementary science achievement"

4/6: Dr. Florencia Torche, NYU, "The effect of maternal stress on birth outcomes: Using a major earthquake as a natural experiment"

4/13: Melissa Velez & Karen McFadden, IES-PIRT Fellows

4/21: Dr. Jeffrey Smith, University of Michigan, "Using experiments as benchmarks for non-experimental estimators of causal effects: What have we learned?" (Co-Sponsored with IHDSC and CASSR)

4/27: Dr. Jennifer Hill, NYU, "Why we (usually) don't need to worry about multiple comparisons"

5/4: Dr. Amy SchwartzNYU, "Age of entry and the high school performance of immigrant youth"

9/15: Dr. Richard Arum, NYU, "Educational attainment, teacher/student ratios and adult incarceration risk among U.S. birth cohorts since 1910"

9/22: Dr. Rachelle Brunn, NYU, "Where are all the boys? Examining the black-white gender gap in postsecondary attainment"

9/29: Dr. Dalton Conley, NYU

10/6: Dr. Sean Corcoran, NYU, "Income inequality, the median voter, and the support for public education"

10/20: Dr. Bill Evans, University of Notre Dame, "The impact of local labor market conditions on the demand for education: Evidence from Indian casinos"

10/27: Dr. Fred Morrison, University of Michigan, "Individualizing student instruction: Helping all children learn"

11/3: Dr. James Kemple, NYU, "Improving youth labor market prospects: Long-term findings from career academies"

11/10: Dr. Elise Cappella, NYU, "Rigorous, responsive, and responsible: Intervention research with children in urban school community-contexts"

11/17: Dr. Leigh Linden, Columbia University, "Testing alternative approaches to conditional cash transfer programs in education: Evidence from Colombia"

11/24: Dr. Cybele Raver, NYU, "Targeting children's behavior problems in preschool classrooms: A cluster-randomized controlled trial"

12/1: Dr. Christopher Weiss, Columbia University, "Re-examining the transition to high school"