INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament is an evidence-based intervention with teacher, parent, and classroom programs that work synergistically to support children’s social emotional development and academic learning. The intervention assists teachers and parents in recognizing how differences in children’s behavior are often related to their temperament/personality. Children also benefit from understanding that individuals differ in their responses to daily life situations due to their temperaments.

INSIGHTS consists of three programs:

  • INSIGHTS for Parents: Parents attend 10 weekly, facilitated 2-hour sessions that include instruction, videotapes, role-playing, discussion, and assignments. In the videotapes, actors portray children who are exemplars of the four temperament profiles: Social/Eager to Try, High Maintenance, Industrious, and Cautious/Slow to Warm Up. The vignettes demonstrate how the four types of children react to daily life.
  • INSIGHTS for Teachers: Teachers attend 10 weekly, 2-hour sessions that include instruction, classroom related videotaped vignettes, role-playing, discussion, and assignments. In addition, the facilitator discusses the research studies that provide the curricular foundation for INSIGHTS.
  • INSIGHTS for Children: Children participate in 10 weekly 45-minute sessions in their own classrooms. Puppets depict each of the four temperaments: Fredrico the Friendly, Gregory the Grumpy, Hilary the Hard Worker, and Coretta the Cautious. Together, puppets and children solve daily dilemmas.

With over $8,000,000 in funding from Institute of Education Sciences and The National Institute of Nursing Research, the efficiacy of INSIGHTS has been tested in three clinical trials that were conducted in partnership with under-resourced public schools in New York City.  Check out Our Results to see some of our findings.   

More details about the intervention is available in INSIGHTS' curriculum

INSIGHTS Intervention has also been added to the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) , an evidence-based repository and review system which is part of the the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The registry is designed to help the public learn more about the evidence-based programs and practices that are available to meet their needs, and each program included has been independently assessed and rated by certified NREPP reviewers.  

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