Finn Upham


Ph.D. Candidate

Group: Music Cognition


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Finn Upham in a PhD Candidate in Music technology focused on Music Cognition. Having developed statistical methods for assessing coincidental events in listeners responses to music (Activity Analysis), their current dissertation work explores the emerging topic of the respiratory-phase alignment: when and how listeners' inspirations and expirations adapt to coincide with specific moments in the music they hear. They hold three degrees in Music Theory (B.Mus. ’08), Mathematics (B. Sc. ’08), and Music Technology (M. A. ’11)  from McGill University in their home town of Montreal.
Always fascinated by the constructions of our experience in the perceptual present, Finn has worked on quantifying the relationship between the music we hear and the experiences that come out of the combinations of who we are and what we are doing, in the moment. At McGill, they worked with continuous responses recorded from music concert audiences in Prof. McAdam's MPCL lab. At NYU, this research has continued with a focus repeated response experiments: case studies of individual listeners' experiences as they hear the same pieces several times. Collections of continuous responses pose specific statistical challenges, be they ratings or physiological measures of emotion, and Finn has developed analytical tools to evaluate whether and when responses show significant agreement and coordination. Finn is supervised by Prof. Mary Farbood.