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  • MCC-UE 0001 - Introduction to Media Studies
    Introduces students to the study of contemporary forms of mediated communication. The course surveys the main topics in the field and introduces students to a variety of analytical perspectives. Issues include the economics of media production; the impact of media on individual attitudes, values, an... Read More
  • MCC-UE 0003 - History of Media and Communication
    This course introduces students to the history of media and communication and to the stakes of historical inquiry. Rather than tracing a necessarily selective historical arc from alphabet to Internet or from cave painting to coding, the course is organized around an exploration of key concepts such ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 0005 - Introduction to Human Communication and Culture
    This course surveys research perspectives and theories on culture and human communication. The course will introduce major approaches to the study of social interaction, language, semiotics and culturalprocesses.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 0014 - Media and Cultural Analysis
    An introduction to the theoretical approaches and methods used to analyze the content, structure, and contexts of media in society.  Students will develop a familiarity with concepts, themes, and approaches in media criticism, and they will develop an ability to adopt, adapt, and employ a varie... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1002 - Space and Place in Human Communication
    This course will build on a core concept of Lewis Mumford who understood media ecology as a component of spatial and urban ecology. Emphasis will be given on how space socially organizes human meaning and on the inscription of space. How do people, through their practices and their being in the worl... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1003 - Introduction to Digital Media
    This course is an introduction to digital media, focusing on networks, computers, the Web, and video games. Theoretical topics include the formal qualities of new media, their political dimensions, as well as questions of genre, narrative, and history. ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1005 - The Culture Industries
    A survey of the contemporary arts and journalism, with particular attention to the impact of corporate concentration on the working atmosphere and final 'product' in each field. Through broad reading and interviews with weekly guests, we will probe the working life today in television, radio, cinema... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1006 - Television: History and Form
    Analysis of television as a medium of information, conveyor and creator of mass culture, and a form of aesthetic expression. Course examines the historical development of television as both a cultural product and an industry. ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1007 - Film: History and Form
    Analysis of film as a medium of information, conveyor and creator of mass culture, and a form of aesthetic expression. Course examines the historical development of film as both a cultural product and an industry. ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1008 - Video Games: Culture and Industry
    The course examines the emergence of video games as site of contemporary cultural production and practice. It pays special attention the symbolic and aesthetic dimensions of video games, including their various narratives forms and sub-genres, and concentrates on their interactive dimensions. The co... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1009 - Psychoanalysis: Desire and Culture
    Explores the subject of desire in modern media and culture. Freud's ideas have had a profound influence on everything from the earliest manuals on public relations to the struggles of modern feminism. We will read a range of psychoanalytic theorists while studying how their insights have been put to... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1010 - Censorship in American Culture
    An upper level course on the topic of censorship in American culture, from the late 19th century to the present. The broader context for our exploration will be the public sphere, understood in two ways: as the classic, liberal ideal-a space for civil, and equitable exchange of ideas and opinions op... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1011 - Media and Migration
    The course examines the role of media in the lives and cultures of transnational immigrant communities. Using a comparative framework and readings drawn from interdisciplinary sources, the course will explore how media practices and media representations (re)define and enable a re-imagining of natio... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1012 - Crime, Violence and Media
    This course considers the culture of crime in relation to conventions of news and entertainment in the mass media. Topics include competing theories of criminogenic behavior, news conventions and crime reporting, the aesthetics and representation of crime in the media, the role of place in crime sto... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1013 - Political Communication
    This course focuses on the essentially communicative aspects of American governing processes, surveying research that analyzes the way in which political candidates at various levels of government are chosen, how they shape their personal image, the process of constructing persuasive message appeals... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1014 - Mass Persuasion and Propaganda
    This course presents a critical analysis of the development, principles, strategies, media, techniques, and effects of propaganda campaigns from ancient civilizations to the modern technological society. The course focuses on propaganda in the context of government, religion, revolution, war, politi... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1015 - Advertising and Society
    This course will examine the emergence of advertising as a form of communication, its influence upon other forms of mediated communication and its impact upon culture and society. Note: This course counts under two Fields of Study: Images and Screen Studies as well as Technology and Society. It may... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1016 - Media Audiences
    Communication scholars have long concerned themselves with the relationship between various media/technologies and ‘the audience.’  Different intentions and perspectives inform the discourse and research on how media and communication technologies and their audiences/users inte... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1017 - Youth Media and Social Change
    This course explores the theory, practice, and impact of the non-profit youth media organizations and school-based programs working in this field locally and around the world. Students will also use media production to conduct fieldwork in the New York City area that further builds the subfields of ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1018 - Kids in Media Culture
    In this course, students will examine how young people of different ages and backgrounds use, value, and find meaning in different media in different kinds of contexts, and we discuss the social, cultural, and political implications of these lived experiences. In addition, we will explore how we mig... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1019 - Media and Identity
    This course will examine the relationship between mediated forms of communications the formation of identities, both individual and social. Attention will be paid to the way mediated forms of communication represent different social and cultural groupings, with a particular emphasis on gender, race,... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1020 - The Business of Media
    Detailed examination of the business models and economic traits in a variety of media industries including film and television, cable and satellite, book and magazine publishing, gaming and the Internet. Emphasis on historical trends and current strategies in both domestic and global markets.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1021 - Dead Media Research Studio
    This course is devoted to media archaeology, that is, historical research on forgotten, obsolete, or otherwise 'dead' media technologies. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the skills and resources necessary for producing rigorous scholarship on obsolete and obscure media. It will in... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1022 - Latino Media
    Examines the production, consumption and cultural meaning of Latino media produced in and around the United States (as opposed to that produced in Latin American countries). Focuses on a wide range of mediated cultural production: television, radio, film, advertising, magazines, etc. This course wil... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1023 - East Asian Media and Popular Culture
    This course explores the evolving media and communication systems in East Asia from economic, political, cultural, technological and network perspectives. Particular attention is paid to the impact of Internet and mobile media on traditional media institutions, the changing role of transnational cor... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1024 - Amateur Media
    This course will track the various manifestations of media amateurism over time and medium, while also exploring the theoretical concerns and cultural discourses that surround the work of amateurs and their social construction, especially in relation to notions of professionalism, community, network... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1025 - Race and Media
    America's founding principles of equality and equal opportunity have long been the subject of interpretation, debate, national angst and widespread (often violent) conflict. No more is this the case than when we talk about the issue of race. While biological notions of race have lost their scientifi... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1026 - Disability, Technology and Media
    In this course, we will examine the significance of technology to the definition and experience of disability; the relationship between disability and the development of new media; the politics of representation; and current debates between the fields of disability studies and media studies. Specifi... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1027 - Media and the Environment
    This course will investigate the dominant critical perspectives that have contributed to the development of Environmental Communication as a field of study. This course explores the premise that the way we communicate powerfully impacts our perceptions of the “natural” world, and that th... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1028 - Ethics and Media
    The purpose of this course is twofold: 1) to equip future media professionals with sensitivity to moral values under challenge as well as the necessary skills in critical thinking and decision making for navigating their roles and responsibilities in relation to them and 2) honing those same skills ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1029 - New Media Research Studio
    New Media Research Studio is a lab dedicated to examining and deconstructing new information technology tools and environments. Students will be exposed to the contemporary discourse around new media through reading, listening and watching. We will embark on virtual journeys into media and will upda... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1030 - Architecture as Media: Communication Through the Built Environment
    This class reads architecture and the built environment through the lenses of media, communication, and culture. The course takes seriously the proposition that spaces communicate meaningfully and that learning to read spatial productions leads to better understanding how material and technological ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1031 - Digital Media: Theory and Practice
    This course offers students a foundational understanding of the technological building blocks that make up digital media and culture, and of the ways they come together to shape myriad facets of life. Students will acquire a working knowledge of the key concepts behind coding, and survey the contour... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1032 - Social Media Networking
    This course will examine “social media” from a cultural perspective, with a focus on how media technologies figure in practices of everyday life and in the construction of social relationships and identities. We will work from an expansive definition of what constitutes “social med... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1033 Critical Making
    Critical making is hands-on hardware practice as a form of reflection and analysis: a way of thinking through what (and how) computing and digital media mean by understanding how they work, building on the literature of media studies and the digital humanities. By turning from software to hardware, ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1034 - Media, Technology and Society
    An inquiry into the interplay of technology and contemporary society. Examines the ways in which technologies-mechanical, electronic, analog, and digital-have shaped and complicated our culture and society.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1035 - Forensic Media
    What are the distinctions between facts, data, information, opinion, knowledge, and understanding? Through what techniques of argumentation are these concepts discovered or achieved? This course introduces students to rhetoric—the art of persuasion-- formulated by Aristotle.  The first ha... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1036 - On the Phone: Telephone and Mobile Communication Technology
    This course examines the convergence of different technologies and cultures in telephony since the nineteenth century.  It surveys the technical development of the telephone, from its roots in telegraphy to radio and portable phones to mobile computing. We will trace the history of  &ldquo... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1037 - Music and Media
    This course investigates the mediation of music and music-like sounds in both private and public life. Commercial venues, from restaurants to rest rooms, pipe Muzak into its spaces; radios broadcast more music than any other content today; soundtracks imprint the texture of signifying associations f... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1040 - Health Media and Communication
    The meanings of health & disease are shaped not only by scientific & Medical discourses, but by media, communication, & the cultures of health. This course examines the impact of media & health cultures on what counts as normal & pathological, how medical environments are underst... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1065 - Media Events and Spectacle
    This course examines the role played by media events and spectacle in the shaping of belief, attitudes, and actions, with particular attention paid to the concept of the masses and its changed meaning over time. The course examines concepts of mass culture, the decentralization of cultural forms, an... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1100 - Internship
    Applied fieldwork in Media, Culture, and Communication. The internship program promotes the integration of academic theory with practical experience. Internships expand student understanding of the dynamics of the ever-changing field of communication.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1105 - The Psychic Life of Media
    This seminar develops themes addressed in “MCC-UE 1009 Psychoanalysis: Desire and Culture.” The course expands and deepen understanding of core Freudian and post-Freudian concepts via texts by Melanie Klein, W.R. Bion, Jacques Lacan, Jean Laplanche, and others. These texts will be consid... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1140 - Screening History: The Construction of American History in Hollywood Films
    This course explores the ways in which popular Hollywood films construct the historical past, the ensuing battles among historians and the public over Hollywood's version of American history, and the ways that such films can be utilized as historical documents themselves. We will consider films as p... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1141 - Hollywood Films and American Life
    This course examines the vast and rich myth-making power of Hollywood film narratives that influence dominant cultural views of American identity. Students view films that explore problems and promises of American culture and society such as equality, democracy, justice, class, gender, sexual orient... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1151 - Media History of New York
    New York has played a crucial role in the history of media, and media have played a crucial role in the history of New York. New York has been represented by media since Henry Hudson wrote his reports to the Dutch. Media institutions have contributed centrally to its economy and social fabric, while... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1152 - Cultural Capital: Media and Arts in New York City
    This course explores the multi-faceted nature of New York City as a cultural and economic hub for media and the arts, arguably the cultural capital of the world. Classroom instruction is supplemented by site visits, guest lectures, and field research to develop an appreciation of the ways that media... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1199 - Workshop in Digital and Computational Media
    This course gives students a structured classroom environment for hands-on, critical inquiry, and research guidance along with feedback and support for individually designed and executed digital media and computational projects at the graduate level. This course may be taken as an add-on production ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1200 - Senior Media Seminar
    Open only to seniors in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication or by permission of the instructor. A culminating course integrating models of interpretation derived from the liberal arts with the analytical tools developed in media, culture, and communication coursework. Reflects curren... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1210 - Senior Honors in Media, Culture, and Communication
    Prerequisite: senior standing and department approval to pursue honors in the major. Open only to MCC majors with senior standing. Extended primary research in media, culture, and communication focusing on the development and sharing of individual research projects. Students enroll the following sem... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1300 - Media and Global Communication
    Examines the broad range of activities associated with the globalization of media production, distribution, and reception. Issues include the relationship between local and national identities and the emergence of a 'global culture' and the impact of technological innovations on the media themselves... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1302 - Global Television
    This course introduces students to theories of global television studies, the reception of American media abroad, and several case studies of television from around the world.  Students will learn about the challenges and rewards of studying global television, both of which revolve around how t... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1303 - Privacy and Media Technology
    Few values have been as unalterably disturbed by developments in new media as privacy. This course presents a philosophical, social, and legal inquiry into the impact of digital communications upon privacy & its meanings, in order to prepare students to recognize, contextualize, and analyze priv... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1304 - Global Media and International Law
    This course examines public policy issues and institutions of media governance at the international level. It provides a historical overview of the various institutions and actors involved in global media governance, and assesses the various principles and practices that constitute the regime of glo... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1305 - Communication and International Development
    This course introduces students to theoretical foundations in historical and contemporary issues in communication, media, information and international development. Topics include state-building, modernization, dependency and globalization. Every week will be dedicated to a particular country/region... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1306 - Transnational Media Flows
    This class examines the intersecting dynamics of media genres and geo-linguistic cultural markets in the configuration of global and regional media flows. It looks in particular at the way media genres travel and how their circulation raises issues about the cultural power of certain media narrative... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1310 - Culture and Media in Urban China
    What does it mean to be “urban” in China and how is Chinese urbanism mediated by new cultural formations? In this course we will examine the culture and media that define city life in China, including Chinese state and popular media, television and film, music, fashion, verbal art and li... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1314 - South Asian Diaspora: Media and Cultural Politics (NEW!)
    This course examines the politics and forms of visibility of the South Asian diaspora in the United States. Through the examination of media archives and a critical engagement with the research literature, the course will 1) situate the South Asian diasporic experience in the U.S. within a larger gl... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1340 - Religion and Media
    This course examines the ways in which conventional and non-conventional media re-create religious experience. Increasingly, religion is experienced not only in sacred spaces, and through ritual and scripture, but is also communicated through radio, TV, and the Internet, as well as in consumer cultu... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1341 - Middle East Media (formerly Islam, Media and the West)
    This course examines contemporary media in (primarily Arab parts of) the Middle East and the US and their relationship to the perceived rift between Islam and the West. Readings and media examples focus on the politics of culture, religion, modernity, and national identity as they shape and intersec... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1342 - Sounds In and Out of Africa
    This course investigates cultural influence and exchange between Africa, the African diaspora, Europe, and America with a particular emphasis on sound and music. How has the sound of Africa been transcribed, recorded, stored, transported, and represented in the West? What can this tell us about glob... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1345 - Fashion and Power
    This course examines fashion as a form of communication and culture. Through cultural and media studies theory, we will examine how fashion makes meaning, and how it has been valued through history, popular culture and media institutions, focusing on the relationship between fashion, visual self-pre... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1346 - Fame
    Fame, notoriety, renown – the desire to be recognized and immortalized is the most enduring and perhaps the most desirable form of power.  Culture, commerce, politics, and religion all proffer promises of fame – whether for fifteen minutes or fifteen centuries.  This course dep... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1347 - Culture of the Screen: From the Cinematic to the Handheld
    Whether large, small, wide, high-definition, public, personal, shared, or handheld, screens are one of the most pervasive technologies in everyday life. From spaces of work to spaces of leisure, screens are sites for collaboration, performance, surveillance, and resistance. This course traces the cu... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1349 - The Raw Data of Intimate Life
    Social research tries to make sense of “raw data,” doubly so in this case as they refer to quantitative information about the sexual, romantic and religious lives of young people.  This seminar seeks to teach students the basics of quantitative social research, a particular kind of ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1351 - War As Media
    This course examines the proposition that contemporary war should be understood as media. War has become mediatized and media has been militarized. This course treats war and poltical violence as communicative acts and technologies and focuses on how they shape our understanding and experience of la... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1352 - Empire, Revolution and Media
    This course examines the role of media in the history and emergence of empires and revolutions and the history of media empires. It focuses on the investment in media forces by both empires and revolutions, and the tendency of media to form empires that are subject to periodic revolution? in the mar... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1401 - Global Cultures and Identities
    Note: This course will replace E59.1735 Intercultural Communication in the Fall 2010 semester. If you have taken Intercultural Communication you should not take this course. This course examines globalization as it is inscribed in everyday practices through the transnational traffic of persons, cult... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1402 - Marxism and Culture
    Explores the various political and philosophical debates within western Marxism. Pays particular attention to the influence of the cultural turn in twentieth century Marxist thought on feminism, postcolonialism, and theories of mediation. Themes include: the commodity, alienation and reification, su... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1403 - Postcolonial Visual Culture
    This courses addresses how colonialism and postcolonialism are shaped and mediated through images and the gaze. The dynamics of colonial history motivate and shape colonial and postcolonial perceptions and influence their patterns of global circulation when the boundary between the world out there a... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1404 - Media and the Culture of Money
    This course examines the culture of money and finance, and the role of the media and popular culture in making sense of economics.  It engages with the ways that money, finance, and economics are shaped in part through media representations, that finance is not simply a system but also a cultur... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1405 - Copyright, Commerce and Culture
    Course explores the basic tenets and operative principles of the global copyright system. It considers the ways in which media industries, artists, and consumers interact with the copyright system and judges how well it serves its stated purposes: to encourage art and creativity. Examinies various s... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1406 - Hacker Culture & Politics
    This course takes as its object computer hackers to interrogate not only the ethics and technical practices of hacking, but to examine more broadly how hackers and hacking have transformed the politics of computing and the Internet more generally. We will examine how hacker values are realized and c... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1407 - Gender, Sex and the Global
    This course examines how globalization impacts the construction of gender & sexuality. Through discussions of contemporary issues in various global sites, the course addresses the politics of gender as it is shaped by trans-border flows of media, people & cultural products.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1408 - Queer Identity and Popular Culture
    In this course, we will explore queerness as identity, practice, theory, and politics, all through the lens of popular culture. Our approach will be grounded in theories, methods, and texts of communication and media studies, thus it will serve as a complement to other queer theory and culture cours... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1409 - Consumption, Culture, and Identity
    This course offers students the opportunity to engage with theories of communication and culture through the context of consumption and contemporary consumer society. Our focus will be on the role of commodities and consumer practices in everyday life and in culture at large. We will give particular... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1410 - Global Visual Culture
    This course examines the role of visual culture in the emergence of, concepts of, and processes of globalization and the global cultural flows. In introducing students to the concept of the visual construction of the social field, the course compares the means by which cultures visualize themselves ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1411 - Visual Culture of Science and Technology
    This course examines the imagery of science and technology, the role of visuality in the construction of scientific knowledge, artistic renditions of science, and the emergence of visual technologies in modern society. It looks at how visuality has been key to the exercise of power through such prac... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1412 - Introduction to Visual Culture
    Visual images pervade our everyday lives. We negotiate the world through visual culture, and the world itself is negotiated politically through visuality and visual images. This class is an introduction to the key issues of visual culture. It will examine the politics of images, the role that images... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1413 - Cultural Memory
    This course examines how cultural memory is enacted through visual culture in a comparative global context.  It looks at the rise of a memory culture over the last few decades, in particular in the United States, Europe and Latin America, and how this engagement with memory demonstrates how the... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1419 - Mediating Love, Sex, and God
    This seminar examines the mediated historical trajectory of love, sex and God, exploring the performative and metaphysical basis of social practice. We seek not only to explore the ways in which these objects of existential concern are historical phenomena, but also how they are conditioned by the t... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1450 - Global Media Seminar (now listed at 9450)
    This umbrella number encompasses topics-based courses offered at NYU global campuses & other international locations that examine the social, political and economic dynamics of media & culture in specific national, regional & historical contexts. Note: The courses listed below count und... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1508 - Print, Typography and Form
     This course surveys a number of important themes in Western history and thought by way of our most omnipresent medium: typography. Organized around three major technological innovations—the printing press in the mid-15th century, multi-cylinder and sheet-fed rotary presses in t... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1517 - Photography and the Visual Archive
    This course examines the role and history of photography within the historical landscape of media and communication. Special emphasis is placed on the accumulative meaning of visual archives, tracing how images relation and establish cultural territories across a variety of texts and media. The cour... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1571 - The Rise of Internet Media
    This course examines the emergence of the Internet as a commercial business. It pays particular attention to the various business models and practices employed in media-related enterprises, tracing their development from the late 1990s to the most recent strategies and trends. Case studies include t... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1585 Creative Coding
    “Creative Coding” is a practice-based course designed to teach basic programming skills in the context of critical and cultural media studies and the digital humanities. The course requires no prior programming experience, simply a willingness to explore code at a more technical level wi... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1700 - Gender and Communication
    This course explores the ways people create, maintain, and augment the meaning of gender, developing insight into understanding gender ideology and the media representation of gender. The course examines how ideas about gender shape our communication practices, and how our practices of communication... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1717 - Listening: Noise, Sound and Music
    This course examines theories, technologies, and practices of listening in the modern world. How has our experience of sound changed as we move from the piano to the personal computer, from the phonoautograph to the mp3? How have political, commercial, and cultural forces shaped what we are able to ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1740 - Interviewing Strategies
    This course focuses on the principles and practices of successful interviewing techniques. Students are provided with background on the structure of an interview and learn how to analyze success and/or potential problems. Review of case studies and practice in holding interviews enable students to g... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1745 - Organizational Communication
    This course is designed especially for students entering business, health care, and educational settings who are assuming or aspiring to positions of leadership. Through case studies and class discussion, course work focuses on strengthening communication competency in presentation skills, persuasiv... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1750 - Public Relations: Theory and Process
    Public relations means different things to different people but it has one undeniable element: communication. This course is concerned with arranging, handling, and evaluating public relations programs. Students work with actual case histories and deal with contemporary topics such as the use of the... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1755 - Public Relations: Principles and Practices
    Focuses on techniques of communication in public relations including creation of press releases, press packets and kits, and developing public relations campaigns.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1760 - Innovations in Marketing
    Fall 2018 MCC-UE 1760.001 Marketing, Television, Film and Other Media *Note: This course is being offered with three distinct themes for Fall 2018. This is Section .001.  This class will take an in-depth look at the craft of marketing television, film, web and other media. We&rsq... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1762 - Cultural Geography of Commodities: Coffee
    This course will investigate the cultural and media geographies of a specific commodity, such as coffee, tea, sugar, oil, and cotton, assessing historical and contemporary issues that inform modes of production, the development of international or domestic trade, and media representation.  Stud... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1775 - Advertising and Marketing
    An introduction to the professions of marketing, promotion, and advertising, with an emphasis on industry structure, branding, integrated marketing communication, effective techniques, and changing communication strategies.Note: This elective course may be offered at NYU Shanghai. Consult with your ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1780 - Advertising Campaigns
    This course teaches students who have a basic understanding of advertising techniques how to develop a complete advertising campaign across a range of media for a product, service, or nonprofit organization.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1800 - Political Rhetoric
    Through the rhetoric of public relations, we examine the principles and assumptions in analyzing the process of political campaigns. Focus is on an analysis of what is reported to the mass media and not the 'gatekeepers' - reporters, editors, and producers of news who filter the messages. Also, disc... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1805 - Public Speaking
    Analysis of the problems of speaking to groups and practice in preparing and presenting speeches for various purposes and occasions. Hours are arranged for student evaluation and practice.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1808 - Persuasion
    Analysis of factors inherent in the persuasive process examination and application of these factors in presentations.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1815 - Conflict Management Communication
    Effective communication plays a critical role in addressing, defusing, and managing conflict in professional and personal settings. Through case studies, students learn how factors such as ethnicity, oral and nonverbal communication, gender, culture, and writing contribute to conflict and how we can... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1821 - Media Policy and Regulation
    This course examines the relationship between public policy and media. It concentrates on the way legislative acts and regulatory instruments, such as the Federal Communications Commission, influence the structure and operation of media according to the norms and values that are set through the poli... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1826 - Media Activism and Social Movements
    The recent wave of protest movements—from the uprisings of the Arab Spring to events closer to home like Occupy Wall Street –have sparked a renewed interest in the role of the media in mobilizing and sustaining social movements with global resonance. This seminar offers students the oppo... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1830 - Interpersonal Communication
    The application of various systems of communication analysis to specific behavioral situations. Through case-study method, students apply communication theories & models to practical, everyday situations.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 1835 - Argumentation and Debate
    An examination of the art of debate using current issues of public policy and social justice. Students will learn the skills of critical thinking, evidence evaluation and persuasion. Hours are arranged for fieldwork and student evaluat... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9014 / MCC-UE 0014 - Media and Cultural Analysis
    An introduction to the theoretical approaches and methods used to analyze the content, structure, and contexts of media in society.  Students will develop a familiarity with concepts, themes, and approaches in media criticism, and they will develop an ability to adopt, adapt, and employ a varie... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9015 / MCC-UE 1015 - Advertising and Society (Prague)
    The course examines the role of advertising not only as an economic force but also as a form of cultural representation with a focus on the social implications of the role of consumerism in contemporary society by following its various forms around the world. Students will read, watch, analyze and d... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9032 - Social Media Networking
    This course will examine “social media” from a cultural perspective, with a focus on how media technologies figure in practices of everyday life and in the construction of social relationships and identities. Although many of our readings will deal with Social Network Sites (SNSs), we wi... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9103 - Intro to Digital Media (Paris)
    This course is an introduction to digital media, focusing on networks, computers, the Web, and video games. Theoretical topics include the formal qualities of new media, their political dimensions, as well as questions of genre, narrative, and history. Conducted in French.... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9140 / E59.1400099 - Communication & Cultural Contexts (London)
    A review of theories and evidence of cultural and political transformations in culture underway in the era of media proliferation, multinational conglomerates, and cyberspace. The role of international flows and national differences. ... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9345 / E59.1345099 - Fashion and Power (Paris)
    This course examines fashion as a form of communication and culture.  Through cultural and media studies theory, we will examine how fashion makes meaning, and how it has been valued through history, popular culture and media institutions, focusing on the relationship between fashion, visual se... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9400 / E59.1400099 - Culture, Media and Globalization (formerly titled Communication & Cultural Contexts) - Prague
    A veritable buzzword, globalization refers to several newly emerged phenomena. To study it means to delve into several areas in which it manifests itself. These are, to name just the three most visible ones, the economy, culture and politics. In any of these dimensions globalization, as it is discus... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9451 / E59.1451099 - Global Media Seminar: Media in China (Shanghai)
    This course is designed to introduce contemporary media industries in China, involving print, broadcasting, film, PR, advertising, and new media. This course reviews the structures, functions, and influences of various forms of media industries. Practical media work is emphasized. Additionally,... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9452 / MCC-UE 1452 - Global Media Seminar: TV & Democracy in Italy (Florence)
    The goal of this course is to present a thorough historical survey of fifty years of television in Italy, with a special emphasis on the relation between television broadcasting and democratic politics. The course will be structured in four parts: the early days of television in Italy, characterized... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9453 / E59.1453099 - Global Media Seminar: Post-Communist Media Systems (Prague)
    The idea of the course is to inform students about European media in general, and about transformation of the Czech media after the Velvet revolution in 1989 in particular. Czech developments will be presented on the background of a wider European perspective in order to make students acquainted wit... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9454 / E59.1454099 - Global Media Seminar: France & Europe (Paris)
    This course introduces students to the basic structures and practices of media in Europe and their relationship to everyday social life. It pays special attention to the common models and idioms of media in Europe, with an emphasis on national and regional variations. Specific case studies highlight... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9455 - Global Media Seminar: Latin America (Buenos Aires)
    This course proposes a historical and cultural approach to the development of the popular press, cinema, radio, television and the contemporary processes of the new media. There is a central question for the course: Is there any singularity in Latin American media? The answer assumes that there is a... Read More
  • MCC-UE 9775 / E59.1775099 - Advertising Techniques: Media Industries in China (Shanghai)
    "The China market is real. The China opportunity is real. The promise of Chinese consumerism is real…but easy to squander." This course covers the critical importance of culture in shaping buyers’ decisions. The motivations of Chinese consumers, as influenced by history and culture, wil... Read More
  • SAHS-UE 0001 - New Student Seminar
    New Student Seminar (NSS) is a required first semester course for new undergraduate students (e.g. freshman and transfers). It orients students to the University, the Steinhardt School, and the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Students are introduced to the nature of higher education... Read More