Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity

The Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity (PACH) is a think-and-do tank that draws from the science of human connection in order to create a more just and humane world. Our theory of change is that transforming the way we see each other will transform the way we treat each other. Our work involves research, curriculum development, community interventions, and training that add insight to, educate about, and tackle our most pressing societal problems. PACH is housed at the Metro Center at New York University and funded by grants from Einhorn Family Charitable Trust Foundation and the Spencer Foundation.

At PACH, we engage in communicating and conducting research that contributes to the newly emerging field of the science of human connection. We also design community-based interventions to re-sensitize us to our common humanity and address the crisis of connection. Through these strategies, we aim to challenge widely held stereotypes, disrupt practices that silence and marginalize, and create a more just and humane world. Learn more about our solutions: PACHworks.