Integration and Innovation Initiative (i3)

The Integration and Innovation Initiative (i3) works with districts, schools, and communities in the United States and beyond to design and develop innovative and equitable solutions to educational segregation. We support our partners in developing integration plans that center policy and practice in racial justice and community voice. Our work seeks to dismantle concentrations of privilege and vulnerability through innovative approaches to student assignment; support the creation of inclusive and culturally sustaining spaces; deconstruct discipline practices that disproportionately impact students of color; and invest in culturally sustaining hiring practices that ensure equitable representations of faculty and staff. Leveraging the many dynamic resources of the NYU Metro Center and our community and organizational partners, i3 supports stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships, policy development, critical research, and advocacy to ensure sustainable and meaningful integration grounded in frameworks of equity, justice, and social transformation.

Equity Assistance and Innovation 

  • Provide applied research support for root causes of segregation
  • Assist in the development and design of comprehensive integration and equity plans/strategies 
  • Coordinate support services across NYU Metro Center 
  • Support implementation and progress monitoring for all integration plans 
  • Develop tools, definitions, frameworks, and other resources to support integration in NYC and beyond. 
  • Produce research and data on patterns of segregation and desegregation 

Advocacy and Community Engagement 

  • Support integration advocacy community 

External Partnerships   

  • Develop and sustain constructive relationships with key partners including statewide and local civil rights, education, parent, faith, business, and advocacy groups; legislators; practitioners; and the public

You can reach i3 director, Matt Gonzales via email: or phone: (212) 998-5124 with any inquiries.