Building Oral Academic Language and Moving Transitioning and Expanding ELLs Towards Complex Writing (Grades 1-5)

Read the Presenation by Nancy Cloud, Ed.D., Professor Emerita - Rhode Island College

This presenation will cover:

- Using NYSESLAT Scores to Drive Instruction; Understanding Proficiency and How to Advance It

- Moving Word Knowledge Forward: Strategies that Lead Transitioning and Expanding ELLs to Advance Their Academic Vocabulary in Systematic Ways (Range and Precision)  

- Advancing the Writing Skills of Transitioning and Expanding ELLs — Expanding Sentence Length and Complexity

  • Advancing Descriptive Writing
  • Advancing Explanatory Writing
  • Advancing Opinion/Argumentative Writing
  • Advancing Biographical Writing (Narrative Writing)

- Connecting Academic Literacy Work with STEM Instruction and with NYC Science Standards