Is NYC Preparing Teachers to Be Culturally Responsive? Data Snapshot

by Jahque Bryan-Gooden and Megan Hester

March 2018

In this volatile political time when racism and bias are increasingly visible in politics and the
media, young people are looking to schools to help them understand the world and themselves.
In an era when Charlottesville, Parkland, #MeToo, NFL protests, deportations, and the rollback
of protections for LBGTQ people dominate the news, issues of race, ethnicity, gender and
sexual identity are on young people’s minds and hearts. Schools and teachers make choices
daily about whether they should ignore or attempt to respond to these issues. They decide
how to handle questions from students and tensions that arise in their classrooms, and they
ultimately decide whether to leverage these situations to stimulate student engagement,
learning and growth, or not. Read the survey