Youth Technical Assistance Center on Addressing DisproportionalityThe Technical Assistance Center on Disproportionality (TACD) has partnered with Borough Student Advisory Council (BSAC) to form the Youth Technical Assistance Center on Addressing Disproportionality (YTACD), the youth component of TACD. In the spirit of Freire, TACD realized it was not enough for only adults to be at the table to do this important work in disrupting educational disparities among youth. In partnership and solidarity, TACD and BSAC birthed YTACD, the first youth representation of its kind since TACD was created decades ago. Through a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) framework, students take the lead in their own liberation and interrogate their positionality within dominant structures. YTACD has carefully analyzed nationwide, statewide, and district level data on achievement and discipline, while interrogating the concepts of race, culture, socioeconomic status, educational equity and more, in order to understand the parts that make up disproportionality and inequity. YTACD’s aim is to inform practitioners of how youth experience disproportionality in hopes to creating a more equitable schooling experience for all students. All youth participants are NYC DOE students of BSAC. The adult facilitators are Ari Sussman and Emilie Mittiga from the DOE Field Support office, and Hui-Ling Malone, TACD graduate assistant and NYU doctoral student.