Cardozie Jones

Equity Coach + Consultant, CSS

Headshot of Cardozie Jones

Mr. Jones is an Equity Coach + Consultant for the Center for Strategic Solutions, leading numerous projects on culturally responsive education and fostering critical consciousness. He serves as an instructor in the Critically Conscious Educators Rising Series (CCER) and as a lead coach for the Culturally Responsive Environments Attaining Transformative Equitable Solutions (CREATES) Program. Mr. Jones has spent more than a decade as an educator. Having worked as a classroom teacher, school leader and consultant, he has had an opportunity to view a complex system from a myriad of vantage points. As a consultant, he is committed to supporting educators confront identity-based issues—specifically those revolving around race, sexuality and gender.  He is also the Co-Artistic Director of The Youth Pride Chorus, an NYC-based organization that uses the power of music and voice as a vehicle to galvanize LGBTQ youth around self-acceptance and social change. As an artist, activist and educator, Mr. Jones believes in the transformation that comes from experiential learning and engagement.