Luis Alejandro Tapia

Equity Coach + Consultant, CSS

Headshot of Luis Alejandro Tapia

Luis Alejandro Tapia is an Equity Coach + Consultant for the Center for Strategic Solutions. The son of Dominican immigrants, he brings almost two decades of experience in community and youth development. Mr. Tapia has facilitated unique programs for a range of NYC agencies and is also the founder of BlackBoyRise. Mr. Tapia’s journey from participant to director to consultant aids him in engaging authentically with youth and their communities. He specializes in harnessing the enthusiasm and skills of those he serves, promoting love, power, and connection through experiential team learning and coaching. Mr. Tapia is committed to transforming leadership and learning into spaces of justice, equity and freedom. He serves as a social impact and equity consultant, a racial and restorative justice coach and trainer, circle keeper, social justice educator, and facilitator at the intersections of spirituality, justice, healing and liberation.