Clinical Services

Referrals and Scheduling

If you are interested in our program for yourself or for a family member please call the Center at (212) 998-5151 or email After sharing some initial information, an intake session will be arranged. This intake will determine the suitability of the program for the potential client as well as whether individual or group therapy would be appropriate. While the Center is open year-round, therapy sessions are held September through June. There is a waiting list for clinical services with the timing of placement determined by a variety of factors including time availability, age, and area of clinical need.


Fees for September 2018 through June 2019 are $75 for group sessions, and range from $105 to $145 for individual sessions of 30 or 45 minutes. Clients or families unable to afford these fees may be eligible for our sliding scale (tax form required). For more information, please contact Managing Director Dr. Alan Turry at (212) 998-5151.

Our services are open to people of all abilities.