Training Programs

Nordoff-Robbins training is unique in its comprehensive focus on the technical application of music and the development of clinical/musical resources. In addition to serving as a fieldwork site for beginning music therapy students, the Center offers two levels of formal training: an internship program for music therapy graduate students, and a post-masters Certification program for professional music therapists. While the content areas and structure of the two programs are similar they are differentiated by the level of clinical competency and knowledge expected of participants.

Nordoff-Robbins Certification is awarded to graduates of the on-site program which takes a minimum of ten months to complete. In addition, the Center offers a two-year Blended Learning Track for a limited number of candidates. This will take place both on and off-site.

The training course for each has three elements:

  1. classes in clinical musicianship, improvisation, and practice and theory of group music therapy;
  2. clinical work in individual and group therapy; and
  3. clinical supervision.

Certified Nordoff-Robbins therapists may continue in our Level Two and Three training programs to advance their clinical work and develop their skills to supervise and teach.

In addition to this formal training, the Center periodically offers seminars and workshops to the general public. The Center has been granted Approved Provider Status by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, and attendees at all of our course offerings and professional seminars are eligible to receive Continuing Education Units for the maintenance of their professional certification.

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