Level 1 Certification Audition/Interview Information

An interview and audition are required for prospective Level 1 Certification candidates. The training is open to professional music therapists who have a master’s degree or are matriculated in a music therapy master’s program. Enrollment will be limited.

Those seeking enrollment must:

  1. Possess a Master’s degree in Music Therapy
  2. Have completed at least 5 years of music therapy clinical practice
  3. Demonstrate advanced musical foundations and technical competence on voice and piano or guitar.
  4. Display self-awareness and the willingness to self-reflect
  5. Complete an application and submit references

Audition/Interview will take place at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University. The process for those unable to be onsite will take place via Skype. 

During the audition we wish to get a sense of you as a musician, especially your receptivity and ability to be responsive in the moment; your ability to hear musical potential as you play with another person; your ear training and harmonic knowledge. Please be prepared to:

  1. Play the piano and/or guitar and sing.
  2. Prepare music in a variety of styles, i.e., classical, popular songs, jazz, original music, etc.
  3. Improvise music on piano or guitar and voice as interviewer plays various instruments and clinical scenarios.

The interview is also an opportunity for us to get to know you as a person and professional, as well as to sense your potential to do this work. We encourage you to discuss your clinical experiences and ask that you bring video or audio examples of work (if appropriate.) This is also a time that we can answer any questions you might have about the courses and clinical studies involved in the training.

Blended Learning Track

Please Note: For those candidates accepted to the Blended Learning Level 1 Certification track, the program commences with an Orientation Weekend followed by an opportunity to enroll in two Specialty CMTE programs “Introduction to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy” and “Clinical Improvisation in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.” (Both are requirements for completion of Blended Learning Certification)

For more information contact Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Center at (212) 998-5151 or send nordoff.robbins@nyu.edu

Apply and schedule an interview/audition.