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Arts Praxis Home

ArtsPraxis responds to the call for a rich dialogue between all those committed to the arts in educational and community contexts. The journal will include contributions from arts educators, therapists, arts agencies, arts administrators, funding bodies, arts scholars, and community artists from diverse settings. The journal emphasizes critical analysis of the arts in society.

ArtsPraxis provides a platform for contributors to interrogate why the arts matter and how the arts can be persuasively argued for in a range of domains. The pressing issues which face the arts in society will be deconstructed. Contributors are encouraged to write in a friendly and accessible manner appropriate to a wide readership. Nonetheless, contributions should be informed and scholarly, and must demonstrate the author’s knowledge of the material being discussed. Clear compelling arguments are preferred, arguments which are logically and comprehensively supported by the appropriate literature. Authors are encouraged to articulate how their research design best fits the question (s) being examined. Research design includes the full range of quantitative-qualitative methods, including arts-based inquiry; case study, narrative and ethnography; historical and autobiographical; experimental and quasi-experimental analysis; survey and correlation research. Articles which push the boundaries of research design and those which encourage innovative methods of presenting findings are encouraged.

Contributions which seek dialogue across the artforms are welcomed. The genesis of ArtsPraxis has been informed by the results of a literature search which identified over 60 journals in the arts disciplines but few which facilitated dialogue across and between the arts disciplines.

The publication of ArtsPraxis follows the successful NYU Forum on Assessment in Arts Education in August 2003, which brought together over 130 participants committed to discourse among arts educators. Evaluations of the Forum indicated that this event was a significant one for strengthening the arts in challenging and uncertain times. ArtsPraxis enables that discourse to continue. The first issues of the journal publish the leading articles from the NYU Forum.