Research Alliance executive director Dr. James Kemple was featured in a video summary of the Building NYC-NYU Connections: Research Partnerships for Knowledge and Action conference. The conference, which took place on May 19, 2017, brought together NYC-based government agencies, non-profit organizations, and researchers to discuss their shared work.     

In the video, Dr. Kemple reflected on key themes from the event, including the need to continue building better evidence to inform education and social policy, the importance of training researchers to effectively collaborate with policymakers and practitioners, and the vital role NYU can play in promoting research on topics that matter to the City. Research Alliance IES-PIRT Fellow Kristin Black and Michelle Paladino, Senior Director of the Research Policy Support Group at the NYC Department of Education, also presented at the conference. Black and Paladino discussed the NYC Partnership for College Readiness and Success, a groundbreaking collaboration between the Research Alliance, the NYC DOE and CUNY, which seeks to better understand how to prepare and support students toward college success. 

The conference was co-hosted by the Institute of Human Development and Social Change, the Center for Promotion of Research Involving Innovative Statistical Methodology, the Institute of Education Sciences-funded Pre-doctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training program (IES-PIRT), and the Institute for Public Knowledge (IPK).          

Watch the Video Here.