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Metro's TAC-D Partners with The City School District of Albany

 Metro's TAC-D partners with the City School District of Albany to create a Transformation Zone for Culturally Responsive Education (CRE). To date close to 300 staff members have been trained in CRE. In lieu of the progress made in the district there has been a great need to create a “transformation zone” to ensure that the CRE trainings are reaching school buildings and impacting curriculum and instruction and ultimately decreasing disproportionate outcomes for students of color and students with an IEP in the district. 

Key to the development of the transformation zone in CSDA was the need for a designated point person to focus on the partnership and CRE trainings. The Superintendent of the district was intentional in selecting a principal who has co-facilitated CRE trainings with TAC-D.

In addition, for the 2018-19 school year three of the four co-facilitators are leading CRE with the continual support and technical assistance of TAC-D Project Associate, David Lopez. In particular, the work aims to positively impact Black, Latino, and student’s with an IEP by decreasing the disproportionate suspensions of these students.