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Metro's TACD Supports Schenectady City School District to Address Disproportionality

Metro's Technical Assistance Center on Disproportionality (TAC-D) is now in its eighth year working with the Schenectady City School District (SCSD). SCSD has developed a data system that calculates the relative risk ratio by race, ethnicity, gender, and IEP status for attendance, behavior, and academic data to ensure that disproportionality and equity are at the center of their problem solving process.

SCSD in collaboration with TAC-D has adopted the Guardian’s of Equity (GOE) protocol to further problem solve around the data in the hopes of creating systemic solutions that decrease the disproportionality as it exists for students of color in the district. GOE aims to establish a culturally responsive problem- solving approach that ensures equitable outcomes for all students through seven phases: 1)Reflecting on Current State of Affairs in the District and/or School, 2) Disaggregating Data, 3) Identifying Root Causes, 4) Identifying Solutions, 5) Establishing a Progress Monitoring Timeline, 6) Examining Fidelity, and 7) Reflecting on Desired State of Affairs. Moreover, with the support and technical assistance provided by David Lopez, TAC-D Project Associate, the district itself, has begun to lead the GOE sessions.