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Metro Center CSS and COE Collaborate CRE Film Series

Metro's Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) and Center for Community Organizing and Engagement (COE) partnered with Filmmaker Manauvaskar Kublall to produce a Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) film series. This series tells 9 stories of CRE from the perspectives of teachers, administrators, teacher educators, and parents.

(CRE) connects curriculum and teaching to students’ experiences, perspectives, histories & cultures. It advances students’ academic achievement and sense of themselves as agents for change; and it helps students sustain their connection to their own language, culture and identity while also developing skills to succeed in the dominant culture.

CRE is a method of rigorous, student-centered learning that cultivates critical thinking instead of just test-taking skills; relates academic study to contemporary issues and students’ experiences; fosters positive academic, racial and cultural identities; develops students’ ability to connect across cultures; empowers students and inspires them to fall in love with learning.

Watch the film series here