This month, Research Alliance deputy director Dr. Adriana Villavicencio and Steinhardt Educational Leadership Program fellow Chandler Patton Miranda will present preliminary findings from the Research Alliance’s study of NYC’s Internationals Network for Public Schools, at the University Council for Educational Administration’s (UCEA) 2018 Annual Convention. The theme of the 32nd annual conference is “Our Mission Critical: Revolutionizing the Future Through Equitable Educational Leadership, Research, and Practice.” Dr. Villavicencio will present findings from her conference paper, Cultivating Partnerships with Immigrant Families: School Leaders as Mediators in a Changing Political Climate.  She will also join several Latina scholars in a presentation about the educational trajectories of Latinas in a "Critical Conversation" session, Mujeres Guerrilleras: Latina Scholars Re-Telling Our Lives. The conference will be held November 14-18 in Houston, TX.

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