On February 22nd, Research Alliance Research Director Dr. Cheri Fancsali, Research Associate Dr. Rachel Cole, and Research Analysts Linda Tigani and Paulina Toro Isaza presented on the Research Alliance’s ongoing evaluation of the CS4All initiative in New York City at the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGSCE) 2018 symposium.  

Drawing on work from the first year of the Research Alliance's evaluation of CS4All in NYC, researchers presented on our landscape study of computer science education in the City at a panel discussion with other participants.

Wendy Martin, a Research Scientist at the Education Development Center and collaborator on our evaluation of CS4All, also presented with the Research Alliance at a special session on challenges and opportunities of evaluating CS4All initiatives in large cities.      

The four-day symposium was held in Baltimore and hosted more than 1,500 participants.  

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