New York University Steinhardt professor—and Research Alliance collaborator—Joseph P. McDonald released Data and Teaching: Moving Beyond Magical Thinking to Effective Practice, with co-authors Nora M. Isacoff and Dana Karin of NYU.

Data and Teaching explores data use in current educational policy and school improvement efforts across the nation. The authors break down the meaning of data use in teaching, how it works in theory and practice, and why it occasionally fails to achieve anticipated goals.

Drawing on research from fieldwork conducted with the Research Alliance in nine New York City schools, the authors explore school systems and routines, as well as students’ experiences and teachers’ practices.

The book aims to:

  • Provide practical guidelines for effective data use in schools and classrooms;
  • Incorporate vivid descriptions and understandable narratives;
  • Explore in rich detail what teaching is and how it works; and
  • Combine significant ideas and stories with concrete steps for improvement.

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