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New Spring 2020 Course: Teaching in the City: From Service Learning to Learning to Serve

David E. Kirkland in collaboration with The Education Justice Research and Organizing Collab (EJ-ROC) at NYU Metro Center is proud to offer a new course, "Teaching in the City: From Service Learning to Learning to Serve" during the Spring 2020 semester.

This course moves students from “service learning” to “learning to serve” based in lessons about community-engaged research through reflection and action. Students will participate in seminars on community-engaged research and bridging the worlds of research and advocacy, and gain hands-on experience providing research, policy and data analysis to community organizations for ongoing education justice campaigns. The course is administered by Dr. David E. Kirkland with support from NYU Metro Center staff leads, chiefly Dr. Leah Q. Peoples and Megan Hester from the NYU Metro Center’s Education Justice Research & Organizing Collaborative.

Course topics will include:

  • Methods and practices of community-engaged research
  • Building successful partnerships between educators, researchers, parents, students, and community members
  • Education policy topics that are currently hot in the public debate, including culturally responsive education and school privatization

Practicum and research will include:

  • Responding to rapid-response research requests from community organizing groups on a variety of education policy topics such as teacher training and retention, charter schools, school funding, and school safety
  • Evaluating commonly-used K-8th grade curriculum for cultural responsiveness
  • Identifying best practices in implementation of Ethnic Studies courses nationally

Enrollment is by permission only. For more information, contact Dr. David E. Kirkland (dk64@nyu.edu) or his colleagues at NYU Metro Center EJ-ROC (nyu-ejroc@nyu.edu).