The Research Alliance’s Executive Director James Kemple and Research Associate Lisa Merrill will participate in Philanthropy New York’s “Equity, Access and Degree Completion: The Promise of Collective Impact in NYC” on November 19.

#DegreesNYC—a cross-sector collective impact initiative involving over 50 NYC nonprofits and government agencies working on college access and success—has sought to dramatically increase the number of low-income Black and Latino college graduates in NYC. Building on our project, Supporting the #DegreesNYC Data Co-op and Learning Network, Dr. Kemple will participate in a panel discussion focused on the persistent gaps in college degree attainment associated with race and ethnicity, and the potential for collective impact efforts to improve these outcomes. Speakers will discuss #DegreesNYC’s Blueprint for Collective Action on Postsecondary Access and Success in New York City, the collective impact process that brought forth those recommendations, and relevant projects that are underway.

Participants must register by November 18th. To learn more about the event, pricing, and registration, please visit Philanthropy New York’s website.

To learn more about local trends in college access, persistence, and degree completion, read the Research Alliance’s New York City Goes to College report.