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Metro's CSS Participates in CRE Showcase Visit

Metro's Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) will participate in a CRE Showcase Visit at The Brooklyn New School (BNS). At this Showcase, visitors will learn about The Brooklyn New School's history of and commitment to maintaining a culturally diverse school, including the ways in which they build staff capacity around creating a more culturally responsive and inclusive school environment.

Visitors will learn about BNS's process of evaluating their own policies, practices, and procedures through their participation in the Culturally Responsive Environments Attaining Transformative Equitable Solutions (CREATES) initiative through the NYC Office of Equity and Access. Through discussions with staff and classroom tours, visitors will see how BNS creates an environment that supports their diverse student population. In the afternoon, an Equity Coach from NYU's Center for Strategic Solutions will lead professional learning about culturally responsive and equitable environments. Throughout the day, visitors will have the opportunity to reflect on how BNS's journey and practices could influence their work. 

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