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NYU Metro's LPP Hosts O.T.O Mentorship Program

This summer NYU Metro's Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) hosts O-T-O (Out the Ordinary), a developmental program, planned and implemented by NYU LPP Instructional Mediator, Raaziq M. Brown, who is currently a graduate student at NYU Tisch.
O-T-O teaches the power of planning, goal-setting, and self-awareness in the digital age. The program was born out of an observed need for the support of young men in the Liberty Partnerships Program at the High School of Fashion Industries where the student population is 92% female.  When the NYU LPP first met with Mr. Stephen Rau, Assistant Principal, one of the first stated needs was male mentoring. Mr. Brown joined LPP and provided support in the college exploration and application process at Fashion Industries in the 2018-2019 academic year. 
The pilot summer program is open to all LPP students, and taking place at host partner school, Landmark High School. It will be implemented at our partner school sites during the school year. O-T-O is geared toward young men who are rising juniors and seniors.  A series of presenters are scheduled to speak and highlight non-traditional career paths in technology, the arts, media, and music.
Each session opens with sharing challenges, sharing personal intentions for the day, a “Word of the Day” study, and studying or meeting a “Person of the Day” in addition to planned content.  Students work on setting short- and long-term goals, exploring a variety of non-traditional careers, and going on field trips to businesses and venues which represent those non-traditional tracks. 
(Pictured: O.T.O Students, LPP Program Assistant Jorge Lopez, and LPP Instructional Mediator, Raaziq M. Brown.)

O-T-O Guest speakers include:

Tanasia Smith

Tanasia Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Journalism, and Film Communications from Howard University. She was born and raised in Harlem, New York and returned upon graduation in 2018. During her last year of undergrad Ms. Smith created a Hip Hop game show called “Get Hip” with her best friend. She is very passionate about music, media and the arts. Most of her free time is spent editing videos, researching Hip Hop facts, and exploring the city. She will be teaching 6th Grade ELA this upcoming school year.

Terrick Guitterrez

Beginning his collegiate career with a Bachelors in Psychology, Terrick Guitterrez took his affinity for art and storytelling and began to explore creative technology. Terrick recently graduated from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program where he applied and expanded his interests in art and activism.   Considering himself an “Artivist,” Terrick is interested in exploring how art and activism, can tackle social justice issues. Previously, the mediums that he has chosen to create with are drawing, painting and photography.

Check Out his website here: https://www.terrickg.com/ 

The Compound Gallery:  https://www.thecmpd.com/




Naseed Gifted

Naseed has provided workshops in Visual Arts for LPP students over the past two years.  Naseed  is an educator, engineer and writer of the science-fiction comic book series P.B.Soldier from Newark, New Jersey. Something that was once his childhood hobby has spring-boarded into a passion to change the face of comics. Naseed Gifted is Principal of Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, New Jersey.  Naseed visited and discussed the importance of character development during his "Unlocking The Hero In You" workshop. Students were able to create characters they felt connected to and could represent them. 






Tim M. Toussaint

Tim M. Toussaint is an Advertising Executive turned model kit builder! Over the past two years he has pushed the line of creativity in the model kit world rather than just seeing model kits as a toy or just a hobby.  He uses them as an expression of his creativity and uses them to weave entertaining stories on Instagram and other social media platforms! He is also supported by his amazing team from Project NuType. Project NuType's main goal is to bring the joy of model kit building to as many people as they can and then showing the world that model kit building is more than just a hobby - it's an art form!  They host monthly build meet-ups so if you are ever looking to get into building model kits check out RESOBOX in the East village!