BS in Global Public Health/Food Studies

The Global Public Health/Food Studies combined major provides interdisciplinary training that examines the historical, cultural, political, economic, and geographic aspects of food production, consumption, and post-consumption, with an emphasis on improving health outcomes among diverse populations. The major aligns with the Food Studies Program’s focus on the ways in which individuals, communities, and societies relate to food within a cultural and historical context.

Students will study a wide variety of topics such as food science and technology, food and culture, epidemiology, marketing, nutrition, and health policy. Students will also work closely with an adviser to select the right mix of electives to compliment individual interests and career paths.

NYU's Global Public Health/Food Studies major prepares students to enter a variety of careers in advocacy, policy, agriculture, food production, public relations, and development as well as to pursue advanced academic training in public health, food studies, or other related fields.

Download the Program of Study for Global Public Health/Food Studies

For more information about the Global Public Health/Food Studies undergraduate degree, please contact:

Sean Spellman
Undergraduate Program Advisor

Domingo Piñero
Director, Undergraduate Studies/Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition

Kelli Martino
Assistant Director of Advising

Kristen Bush
Global Public Health Advisor