PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics

Selection Criteria

Review of applications by doctoral faculty begins January, when applications reach the department. Applicants who pass an initial screening will be invited to interview with specific faculty members and current doctoral students by web based video chat or telephone. Admission is highly selective.

The Admissions Committee uses several criteria in assessing application materials, each of which has multiple measures: evidence of academic talent; suitability of the professional portfolio; and fit with the purposes and capabilities of our program and faculty. 

Evidence that the applicant meets these criteria includes but is not limited to:

  • Completion of undergraduate and master's degrees
  • One prior degree in nutrition and dietetics
  • Overall GPA > 3.5 in at least one prior academic degree program
  • GRE scores commensurate with graduate study
  • Prior professional work or research experience related to departmental programs
  • Clear focus/goals expressed by applicants through the application and interview process
  • Prior teaching experience in nutrition or related field 
  • Extra consideration will be given for scholarly work such as presentations at professional meetings, peer reviewed research publications, and grant submissions
Expectations of Doctoral Students:
  • Departmental participation including Fall and Spring doctoral seminar
  • Engagement in research project development
  • Teaching experience and curriculum development
  • Candidacy examination and research proposal in second year
  • Work with a primary mentor