PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics

Degree Requirements

Academic prerequisites:

Some preparatory academic work may be required in addition to the minimum specialization requirements for the degree; the need for such work is determined in consultation with an adviser.

  • Foundation courses in nutrition and dietetics (12 points)
  • Cognate study (by advisement) - Course related to, but not in your specialized field of study (3 points)
  • Research methods courses (15 points)
  • Dissertation proposal seminar (3 points)
  • Departmental doctoral seminar * (3 points)
  • Specialization courses (by advisement) (Minimum 18 points)

Total: 54 points**

* Additional credits of NUTR-GE 3098 Departmental Doctoral Seminar (1) as required to maintain matriculation

Dissertation requirements:
  • Departmental candidacy examination, which includes a written and oral examination
  • Preparation and defense of a research proposal
  • Development and completion of a doctoral research project
  • A dissertation on the project
  • A final oral examination on the dissertation research