PhD in Food Studies

Department Selection Criteria

Applicants who pass an initial screening may be invited to interview with specific faculty members in person or by telephone. The acceptance decision is based in part on faculty availability and research interests, as well as on the full range of admission criteria.

The admissions committee uses several criteria in assessing application materials, each of which has multiple measures: evidence of academic talent; suitability of the professional portfolio; and fit with the purposes and capabilities of our program and our faculty. 

Admission criteria include but are not limited to:

  • overall GPA > 3.5 in at least one prior academic degree program
  • undergraduate degree
  • GRE scores commensurate with graduate study
  • prior relevant professional work or research experience
  • clear focus/goals expressed by applicants through the application and interview process
  • research goals are consistent with current faculty research interests
  • extra consideration will be given for peer-reviewed publications and grants by applicants
  • fluency in non-English will be given consideration