Dietetic Internship

About the Internship

Academic Coursework

Enrolled interns must complete five graduate courses (12 credits) before entering supervised clinical practice.  You must receive a B or better (no pass/fail permitted) in each required internship course in order to be placed in the 27-week supervised practice component.

These courses are:

NUTR-GE 2000.02       New Graduate Student Seminar: Nutrition Section (0) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2190.01       Research Methods (3) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2037            Medical Nutrition Therapy (4) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2037.002     Medical Nutrition Therapy Recitation
NUTR-GE 2196            Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment (2) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2198            Nutrition Counseling Theory & Practice (3) (F, Sp)

Supervised Clinical Practice

Interns complete supervised clinical practice rotations in clinical nutrition therapy (13 weeks), community nutrition (3 weeks), clinical nutrition management (1 week), food service management (6 weeks), NYU Pediatric Dental Clinic (1 week), and staff relief (3 weeks) - a total of at least 1200 practice hours along with classroom instruction.

If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in fall semester, then you begin the on-site component around January/February.  If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in spring semester, then you begin the on-site component around July/August.

Concurrent with supervised clinical practice, interns register for the remaining 6 credits of the 18 credits required for the Dietetic Internship in two consecutive semesters:

NUTR-GE 2146   Clinical Practice in Dietetics I (3 credits)
NUTR-GE 2147   Clinical Practice in Dietetics II (3 credits)

Practice sites (subject to change):

Possible community rotations include:
Professional Licensure

The Dietetic Internship is an on-campus program that places students in supervised field experiences both within and outside of New York State (NYS). NYU is authorized pursuant to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) to enroll students in supervised field experiences in the SARA states and territories. For further details regarding NYU's SARA membership please visit the NYU State Authorization website.  SARA requires universities to disclose to applicants and students whether programs that lead to professional licensure meet licensure requirements in those states in which students are doing learning placements.  

The Steinhardt Dietetic Internship conducts placement activity in Connecticut. The program has determined that it meets the requirements for professional licensure in CT, as well as NYS.

If you are interested in having a placement in a different state or gaining licensure in a different state other than what is listed above, please contact Kelli Martino to discuss if this is possible.

Note, state regulations change frequently, and the information posted here may have changed at the time of your specific application to or enrollment in our program of study. Please check with Kelli Martino if you have specific questions about whether our program meets licensure requirements in a specific state.