Orientation to Occupational Therapy

NYU Undergraduates: Through this 2-credit course's seminars, guest speakers, and field trips, explore whether this dynamic, multifaceted profession is for you!

Professional Program

Master of Science (MS) 
The MS program prepares students with a bachelor's degree (in a field other than occupational therapy) for a career as an occupational therapist. Students learn skills in the classroom and how to apply them in the community. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to sit for the NBCOT certification examination.

Two-Tiered Accelerated Degree Program (MS/OTD)
The two-tiered degree program combines NYU’s professional master’s and clinical doctorate programs in occupational therapy. You’ll earn a minimum of 69 credits from our top-ranked entry-level professional master’s program – which prepares you for certification – then complete the OTD with an additional 21 credits, selecting an area of specialization to advance your competence as a clinician and leader in the field.

Post-Professional Program

Master of Arts (MA) 
The MA program provides the baccalaureate-prepared occupational therapist with advanced education. Curriculum is tailored to meet clinical, academic, and research career goals. A terminal project is required.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) 
The OTD program is a clinically focused degree program that prepares the occupational therapist with a master's degree to deliver optimal evidence-based practice and collaborate with interdisciplinary professionals.  A final professional portfolio is required.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 
The PhD program is a traditional doctoral degree for the master's-prepared clinician with research and academic career goals. Students are supported in part by teaching assistantships. A dissertation is required.

Selected/Specialty Courses
Emerging specialty and clinically relevant courses are open to degree and non-matriculated students (with permission).

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