PRIISM Faculty PRIISM Associates PRIISM Affiliates 


Jennifer Hill - Co-Director / Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science
Marc Scott - Co-Director / Professor of Applied Statistics


Yoav Bergner - Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences/Educational Technology, Steinhardt
Carolyn Dimitri
 - Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food Studies
Daphna Harel
- Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics
Ying Lu - Associate Professor of Applied Statistics
Tod Mijanovich - Research Associate Professor, Applied Statistics and Health
Ravi Shroff - Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics
Leanna Stiefel - Professor of Economics, Wagner & Steinhardt
Sharon Weinberg - Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology
Meryle Weinstein - Research Associate Professor of Educational Policy
Beth Weitzman - Professor of Public Health and Policy

Associated Faculty
Dana Burde - Associate Professor of International Education, Steinhardt
Joseph Cimpian - Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy, Steinhardt
Elisabeth King - Associate Professor of International Education, Steinhardt
Tara McAllister - Associate Professor, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Steinhardt
Anne Washington - Assistant Professor of Data Policy, Steinhardt
PRIISM Administrative Staff

Michele Leardo - Project Director
Susana Toro Isaza
 - Center Administrator

PRIISM Research Staff

Vincent Dorie - Statistical Consultant
Simon Grinsted - Research Director (THINK Project)

PRIISM NYU Affiliates

Nathaniel Beck - Professor of Politics, GSAS
Juan Bello - Professor of Music Technology, Steinhardt
Rebecca Betensky - Professor of Biostatistics, College of Global and Public Health
Dustin Duncan - Associate Professor, Department of Population Health, NYU Langone
Juliana Freire- Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, NYU School of Engineering
Keith Goldfeld - Assistant Professor – Center for Early Childhood Health and Development, Dept. of Population Health (Biostatistics Division), NYU Langone
David Greenberg - Professor of Sociology, GSAS
Mengling Liu - Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Dept. of Population Health, NYU Langone
Jonathan Nagler - Professor of Politics, GSAS
Cyrus Samii - Associate Professor of Politics, GSAS
Pat Shrout - Professor of Psychology, GSAS
Claudio Silva - Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, NYU School of Engineering
Jeff Simonoff - Professor of Statistics, Stern
Arthur Spirling - Associate Professor of Politics and Data Science 
Lawrence Wu - Professor of Sociology, GSAS

PRIISM Affiliates, non-NYU

G. Anthony Benners - Director & Sr. Psychometrician at NYC Department of Education
Jack Buckley - Research Associate Professor (NYU)/President and Chief Scientist (Imbellus)
Sean Corcoran - Associate Professor of Economics of Education, Vanderbilt University
Nicole Carnegie - 
Assistant Professor, Statistics, Montana State University
Ronli Diakow - Psychometrician at NYC Department of Education
Peter Halpin
 - Associate Professor of Applied Statistics, UNC/Chapel Hill
Masa Harada - Assistant Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, Japan
Winston Lin - Department of Political Science, Yale University
Joel Middleton - Assistant Professor of Political Science, U.C./Berkeley
Patrick Perry - Senior Data Scientist at Oscar Health
Dana Sylvan - Associate Professor of Statistics, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, Hunter College, C.U.N.Y.
Jay Verkuilen - Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, The Graduate Center, C.U.N.Y.
Rebecca Wolfe - Director of Evidence and Influence for Mercy Corps