Doctor of Physical Therapy for Practicing Physical Therapists

The goal of this clinical doctorate program is to provide practicing physical therapists with the clinical, research application, and business skills needed for current and future experiences as autonomous practitioners. The program is based on the 2002 American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recommendations for content in post-professional (transitional) DPT programs and is designed to meet the needs of the physical therapy profession and physical therapists who wish to upgrade to the DPT Degree. Students will benefit from courses provided by the highly qualified faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy and the New York University Medical Center.

Students will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills:


Increase ability to perform as an autonomous practitioner with skills in examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention

Research Application:

Increase ability to practice based on evidence


Increase ability to manage physical therapy services by analyzing current business, legal, and ethical issues in physical therapy practice

Fitness and Wellness:

Increase ability to participate in health promotion of the general public through the delivery of fitness and wellness programs

Program Director

 Wen K. Ling, PT, PhD 
 Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
 Phone: 212-998-9400 
 Email inquiries:  Mr. Alexander Cook

Program Requirements

To complete the DPT-PPT Program, students with a US license to practice physical therapy must earn 36 credits at New York University.

Practicing physical therapists licensed in other countries must take 60 credits at New York University.

The Student Body

The doctor of physical therapy program for practicing physical therapists is open to physical therapists who are licensed and practicing in the United States. Individuals who were educated at the baccalaureate, or masters level may apply. This program is also open to practicing physical therapists from other countries who want to upgrade their clinical knowledge and skills to today’s entry-level professional doctoral degree.