John Sutera

Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

John Sutera


Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

John Sutera is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at New York University. He originally received a BA in Economics from Binghamton University. After working in bank management for three years, he pursued his career in physical therapy. He received his BS in Health Sciences and MS in Physical Therapy from CUNY - The College of Staten Island and his DPT from Stony Brook University. Dr. Sutera also received certification/credentialing in Vestibular Rehabilitation from Emory University.

As a current practicing clinician, Dr. Sutera brings over 20 years of experience to the program from various clinical settings, including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, neurology, geriatrics, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, balance & movement disorders, traumatic brain injury and, vestibular rehabilitation. Currently, he works at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in vestibular rehabilitation where he also serves as a master clinician for the NYU program.

His academic responsibilities include instruction within the cardiovascular/pulmonary track, professionalism & ethics, communication, exercise, administration and, neurology. He also has been published on the topic of clinical examination in assessment of balance and dizziness in patients with traumatic brain injury. Most recently, he has been collaborating in research with students from the NYU School of Medicine and with the Steinhardt Education Theater Department and is a proponent of the use of technology in the classroom.