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Steinhardt Institute Fellow, Matthew Mayhew, has secured a grant from the US Department of Education, to evaluate the efficacy of university alcohol intervention programs.  The study will compare the impact of various interventions on different student populations and examine the relative effectiveness of peer educators and professional facilitators.

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The Review of Higher Education published in its Summer 2009 edition, Using Structural Equation Modeling to Validate the Theory of Planned Behavior for Predicting Student Cheating.  The authors (Matt Mayhew, Steven Hubbard, Cynthia Finelli, Trevor Harding, and Donald Carpenter) use structural equation modeling to identify the campus environments and individual attitudes, behaviors, and background factors that predict cheating habits among undergraduate students.  The article is an important contribution to the ongoing efforts of educators and institutions to develop campus environments that promote academic integrity, discourage plagiarism and cheating, and support healthy ethical development among undergraduates.

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